Valorant Ranking System Explained - How MMR Works, Rankings, and More (2023)

Valorant Ranking System Explained - How MMR Works, Rankings, and More (1)

go through Connor McNeill timevaluation| April 21, 2021

The ranking system is arguably the most important part of any competitive online game. "Climbing" is what brings most of us back, at least after the initial learning process - the honeymoon phase of learning the basics and mechanics. For most, this phase comes and goes in beta. Memories of the daily quick play sessions in the Overwatch beta come to mind, as well as the full transition to competitive mode after the start of Season 1. Now, with bad online activity happening around the world and LAN on the horizon, Valorant is starting to dig deeper into esports soil, and as a result, we're seeing Riot Games take competitive play more seriously than ever.

Competitive online gaming as an extension of esports

This trailer hints at a renewed emphasis on rivalry, which makes perfect sense after so muchsick tournaments around the worldHappened in recent memory. backTenZ has returned to Valorant esportsAnd after claiming the NA Masters Stage 1 Championship with the Sentinels, they enjoyed a shocking comeback at the hands of Built By Gamers in Challengers 1 of Stage 2. This gives them only one chance to qualify for the next LAN exclusive event - VCT Stage 2 Challengers 2 - in Reykjavik, Iceland. A shocking development, but honestly awesome. They are mortal like the rest of us.

It's hard to avoid blogging only about Sentinels, as they've taken up such a large part of my Valorant consciousness lately. Instead, I'm transitioning to a general phenomenon that I think most of us will experience in some games. The more I see the pros playing games - whether it's Valorant, Overwatch, Smash,street fighter,Dragon Ball FighterZ,molten blood, chess, even football, disc golf, football, you name it - and I want to play that game myself.

ironThree, two, me
bronzeThree, two, me
to speakThree, two, me
KanekoThree, two, me
platinumThree, two, me
diamondThree, two, me
immortalThree, two, me
valuationnot any

Competitive/ranked mode upgrades are partly designed to capitalize on players' vicarious desire to play after watching often. If you just check aFlowAscending video on YouTubeAnd wanting to try (and fail, if my experience is anything to go by) any of the crazy wall-climbing moves he makes this time around, or just to catch the grand finals of the VCT event, I think a lot of you can relate to the close All browser tab feel (must maximize frames per second!) and launch game after video or stream ends. It's fun to watch, but it feels more real to play.

Even if you don't just watch the pros show off their stuff on YouTube or Twitch, climbing the ranks is an extension of the esports landscape. We play the same modes of the same games, and (at least we try to) use many of the tactics we see our favorite players use. Even if Competitive Valorant is just something you and a few friends unwind after get off work with little thought about winning or losing, there's no question that sick competition pumps adrenaline and dopamine.

(Video) How Valorant Ranking System Works - Rankings Explained

Rankings are a way for us to show our love for games when we're not watching them, a way for us to personally engage with our favorite games. So it's crucial that competitive climbing is as frustrating and frustrating as possible. In the immortal words of Reggie Fils-Aimé,"If it's not fun, why bother?"

Hackers are the only ones who play Competitive Valorant on easy mode...anyway, until they get banned. For the rest of us, we have to play a tight game, where one mistake can mean instant death, and we have to rely on the other four players. For someone who often queues alone, the struggle is all the more real.

As such, I think the specific changes in Act 3 that limit the difference in competitive rank are pretty good. Being trampled by a player on the enemy team that outnumbers the other nine on the server feels a lot less these days...minus the occasional Smurf.

but one thing aboutChanges in the third act, there are still changes that I don't like.... More on that later.

We've come a long way since Beta

Valorant's ranking system has undergone many changes. These days, we have Rank Ratings, or RRs, which let you know how close you are to rising or falling in rankings. Previously, there were only small post-game indications, in the form of green or red arrows going up or down respectively, usually depending on the number of rounds in the game. Before the third act, you'll find someone six rows away from you. In other words, a Silver 3 player could be thrown into a Platinum 3 majority lobby. And, in anticipation of what I'll have to say in this post that might get some criticism, yes - if that Silver 3 player really deserved better, he'd win games and never miss a shot shoot.

But that's simply not the reality of competitive online gaming. I'm no longer a kid playing every Very Easy game if possible so I can pretend my character is the best person ever. I've never lost a race in Lego Racers, I've never lost a race in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. Being a toddler gave me a "sense of pride and accomplishment," to quote EA's marketing team, but never the pain of failure that made victory worthwhile. Don't worry;I play games from softwareNow. Either way, you have only yourself to blame in single player. That's not the case when your Sova's single-line stun dart shoots at a wall an inch to your left.

MMR and ranking

Now, let's talk about how the current system works. You may have seen the "Ask Valorant – Rank Rating Edition" link pop up in the game's main menu on this link or this, being directed to an answer that apparently "will put you on the path to a wrinkled brain". Now, I'm taking a poetry minor in college; I'm no stranger to weird tropes that don't fit everyone. but what? "Wrinkled Brain Road"? ? ? ? ? I can't get over it. The more I read, the more I like..."Um?"

Valorant Ranking System Explained - How MMR Works, Rankings, and More (2)

It seems a bit arrogant to write something like this, especially when the system isn't quite "rocket surgery", as an old professor of mine used to say. His function is in this link. In short, Valorant's Match Making Rating (MMR) is not the same as rating, but it does affect RR gains and losses.

(Video) Everything About The Ranked System - Valorant

The slightly longer version, along with my review of Valorant's rank rating and MMR system, is here. MMR is not directly related to someone's rank, but rather a "ladder of all players" - wins move you up, losses move you down, only the MMR of each person is invisible to them. It is very similar to Elo in Chess and is named after Professor Arpad Elo, who I am inMy skills based matchmaking article.These systems work best in single player, but this MMR system is basically a must for Valorant. Your Valorant MMR affects (and is affected by) your unranked games, which is why the game knows where to rank you even before you queue for your first competitive game (for that account).

When you complete a Ranked match, you will be placed on the lower end of the MMR "rank estimate". It is said - although under the current law, this is certainly not my experience - that you will start earning more RR per win and less loss per loss. My experience is more like always losing more than winning, maybe because my MMR in unranked games is higher after not playing Comp for a long time.

Now... the ranking system is all about winning and losing, as we saw in the third act video. To quote game designer David Cole, "We want to bring more competitive integrity back into the queue, allowing you to focus on what matters most: winning." So there's only winning and losing - in this system, if MMR Ranking higher than you will result in more penalized defeats and fewer rewarded wins - being counted as rank gains or drops.


victory is not everything

The "speech" of YouTube comments is already ringing in my ears. "Well, actually the system is fair because someone is on Radiant in the current system." Pooh. Look, yes, it's true; there are people at the top right now. They overcome the system and reach the top of the ladder. Congratulations.

But the reality is that solo queue is a nightmare right now, especially at the lower tiers. There's a reason they call it "Elo Hell," you know. This state is similar to Sisyphus pushing his boulder infinitely up a hill or an endless hamster wheel. As you play game after game, you're doomed to fall into Elo Hell, earn a few wins, and then lose all of your accumulated virtual points. Often results in stagnant ratings and less enjoyment of the game. This waning of interest and fun is a natural part of any game. If you're not having fun after a while, no one will blame you for switching games or quitting competitive play entirely.

However, a good ranking system can stop players from falling, it can make climbing fun, it can reward players who do well, and they can play their best even when they lose. Instead of dealing with players who might be 6 levels higher than you, Act III and beyond in Valorant allows for a more linear Elo Hell progression, reducing the number of times a dominant player ruins everyone else's experience.

Especially in a game like Valorant, where players can "be good" without winning the game, it always comes to mind. It's true that some players are good enough and win enough often enough to get rid of Elo Hell, even if they're themselves. But that's not most of us. current system workbeautiful,Especially for a group of players queuing together, but it could be better. Losing far more points from defeat than gaining from victory is a must to get a salty, bitter, losing player to quickly press alt+F4 and stay out of the game for a week or more through the road. Not that I know of. I promise. interest. I don't at all! This month.

Valorant Ranking System Explained - How MMR Works, Rankings, and More (3)

It's in Riot's interest to offset player downfall due to Elo Hell convictions. I know I'm an FPS killer, but it's just a fact: anyone who uninstalls because rank "climbing" takes more work is, for the company, a potential weapon skin customer.

(Video) How To Get Better MMR in Valorant

The quote about winning that I transcribed from David Cole is the most important, and it keeps ringing in my head. Of course, winning "more important"; is the easiest and most likely indicator of which team is better. But I ask, how can we achieve victory? by letting goThoughts on Victory, instead of getting our characters in good positions, using utilities correctly, maximizing our team's economy, and most importantly, shooting accurately. Ironically, that self-conscious inner scream about winning or losing and how it will affect your ranking is often a surefire way to lose. Leaving aside the results, just playing and only focusing on what you personally need to do to improve is the path to the higher echelons.

The change to de-emphasize individual performance and put all ranked changes on the victory altar (as fixed by MMR) negatively impacted my already negative opinion of Valorant's ranked system. It just puts more mental pressure on the game, and in my head, the game is no longer just a game, but a potential win or loss, and the corresponding RR win or loss. Thinking about this crap is a great way to miss a shot.

Greater mental stress means a higher percentage of players feel like their souls are doomed to work forever in Elo Hell, rather than feeling like a competitor is trying to be the best version of themselves. I just think that putting more emphasis on winning and losing in the game's ranking system can come from not being used to the tension of competition, the tension of tournaments, knowing that a quiet mind focused on the right move is the path to success. Winning, not winning at all costs.

Confidential anecdotes and some potential antidotes

At one point, long before the third act changes went into effect, the team I was on dropped to 4v5 due to a Raze drop. We went on and lost the game 9-1. Then we came back and won 13-10, mostly playing on the Bind offense -- no small feat if I do say so myself. I ended up being my team's primary target after one painful slog into voice chat begging my teammates to surrender. They got me together, we got back together and I'm glad we got such an impossible W. I would expect such performance to be valuable to the algorithm. I haveoneThe green bar, which is the smallest rank boost possible at that time. I slump in my chair, win and lose, my inner fireworks replaced by rain clouds.

The number of rounds is one metric that can be used, but not all. It's better than just winning or losing, in my opinion, but a really good ranking system would be able to detect impressive feats like 12 rounds of offensive recovery without losing a player.

I think there should be a stronger algorithm that takes into account not just wins, not just rounds, not just someone's K/D, not just those and assists. We're already seeing signs of the value gained from abilities in post-round combat reports. This might just be a tool to get into game RR changes. The reality is that the game played can be either way. It just doesn't seem fair to me that an OT win gives me and my teammates a negligible RR while taking a ton of money from the enemy... apparently, the opposite thing Really messed up my gear.

Instead, I think the ranking system should be more robust, more granular, and more focused on individual performance. When you do too little for your team's wins, it should be possible to not earn much (if any) RR. I think it should be possible to get RR when you play outside of yourself and still lose a close game, especially if you lose a player.

The MMR system in Valorant is perfectly fine. If the changes I predict are released, I'm sure the MMR ladder will need to be tweaked as well, but it will remain largely the same. But that extra work shouldn't stop Riot from creating a more satisfying, less daunting leaderboard ladder that's easier to climb and harder to fall off. The "It All Begins Here" trailer linked in the intro would be more accurate and less provocative. In my opinion, one's ranking and MMR ranking should be based more on bout-to-bout skill than overall win-loss record. But of course, we live in a world obsessed with winning and losing. And the current system certainly makes sense, even if it doesn't quite lead us down the... ah, "brain wrinkled road."

I just think Riot should do something to counteract that sense of eternal stagnation we call Elo Hell. This would be a good business decision, even if they don't want to do all the work to create a ranking algorithm that takes into account complex and nuanced gameplay, player disconnects, utility value, economics, placement, time, burst Head percentages, quality and quantity of communications, etc., and adjustments so that even well- or poorly-played victories do not correspond to losses or gains in RR, respectively. It's certainly easier for them to make small tweaks or keep the rating system as it is.

Whatever they do with Valorant's ranked ladder in the future, I hope this article sheds light on how the system currently works and sparks some ideas in one direction or the other. At the very least, I hope Riot eventually makes numerical adjustments to the current system like they said in their Ask Valorant post. Maybe you're a Radiant player and think I should just be "git gud". But I know at least some of you will agree that the ranking system doesn't have to be directly related to stealth combo ranking.

(Video) Valorant Devs Explain How to RIG the RANKED SYSTEM - MMR EXPLOIT - Update Guide

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Valorant Ranking System Explained - How MMR Works, Rankings, and More (4) Connor McNeill- author

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How does the MMR system work in Valorant? ›

What is MMR in VALORANT? Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is an invisible number which assesses your level of play behind the scenes. While it will be correlated with your in-game rank, especially in the very beginning, it will either be ahead or behind your real placement, moving you towards the ranking you really deserve.

Why do I lose more RR than I gain? ›

How much RR you gain or lose is affected by how close your rank is to your MMR (hidden matchmaking rating.) MMR is a giant ladder consisting of all players, and no two players can hold the same spot. In general: If your MMR is higher than your rank, you'll gain more RR on wins than you lose on losses.

What is the ranking system for Valorant? ›

VALORANT Ranks and Tiers
  • Iron.
  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Ascendant.
  • Immortal.
Apr 25, 2023

Is MMR based on skill? ›

In Rainbow Six: Siege your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is based on your skill level in-game. When you matchmake in-game, the system will pair you with a team in a similar MMR range as you.

What rank is 3200 MMR? ›

Ranked - Ranks in Rainbow Six Siege

Bronze: 1,600 - 2,099 MMR. Silver: 2,100 - 2,599 MMR. Gold: 2,600 - 3,100 MMR. Platinum: 3,200 - 4,099 MMR.

Do you lose more RR if you surrender? ›

While surrendering doesn't lose you more RR on its own, it will usually result in losing more RR than losing a full game because of how the Valorant's MMR system calculates your performance. As a surrender vote is agreed upon, the game registers it as losing all the remaining rounds.

Do you lose RR if you dodge? ›

If you AFK or queue dodge in a competitive match, you will lose 4–12 RR points, potentially pushing over the -30 RR loss barrier (indicated on the post-match results screen).

What is the maximum RR you can lose? ›

Rank Rating (RR) Explained

Point allocation differs from game to game, but generally, the distribution looks like this: Wins: 10 – 50 RR, 5+ RR for Diamond ranks and above. Losses: Minus 0 – 30 RR, 50 RR max drop for Diamond ranks and above. Draws: 20 RR (based on performance) for ranks Iron – Diamond.

Who is rank 1 radiant Valorant? ›

SR mada

Is Immortal 1 a good rank? ›

This rank is often a sign of high dedication to the game and impressive skills; it's the rank for some of the best grinders (including professional players).

How hard is it to hit radiant? ›

For players that want to obtain the coveted Radiant rank, players must first achieve the minimum cut-off of 450RR in Immortal to promote. However, not every player that is above 450RR in Immortal will be promoted to Radiant. Only the top 500 players that are above the 450RR threshold will be Radiant.

Can Silver 3 play with Iron 1? ›

Restrictions based on elo

Iron and Bronze can play with anyone up to Silver, which means Iron 1 players can play with Silver 3 players as long as the Silver player is the highest-ranking player in the lobby.

Can Ascendant 2 play with diamond 1? ›

Players in Iron and Bronze tiers can play with those up to Silver, Silver players can play with up to Gold, Gold players can play with up to Platinum, and Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant players can play with teammates exactly one tier higher at maximum.

How long does it take to hit level 20 in Valorant? ›

Since we established it takes about 60-70 hours, give or take a few hours of actual play time to achieve level 20, it would probably be a good idea to outsource this work to someone else if you don't have time for it. Our Valorant account leveling service can help you do just that.

How accurate is MMR? ›

Estimates of the effectiveness of the MMR vaccine are 99% in measles prevention after a second vaccination and over 95% in the prevention of mumps, and 90% in the prevention of rubella after a single dose.

Does Winrate affect MMR? ›

Both your MMR and your rank will rise with each victory, ensuring a slow and steady climb. Just be cautious when using your overall win rate to assess your climbing potential!

Why is my MMR so low? ›

If a Master player loses a lot of games, they will have a low MMR, which means they will be matched with players in lower elos as well. Of course, the same goes for players who win streak and have a higher MMR.

Who has 12000 MMR? ›

23savage was the first player to hit 12k MMR back in March 2021.

Is 6k MMR high? ›

While five-digit MMR is almost impossible to achieve, 6k MMR is still a decent accomplishment to brag to your friends. Being an immortal player can occasionally land you a career as an amateur pro player.

How much MMR is plat 1? ›

MMR Tier Ratings In RL Season 10
Rank Name1v13v3
Diamond 1815835
Platinum 3755775
Platinum 2695715
Platinum 1635655
19 more rows
Mar 31, 2023

How do I surrender Val? ›

By typing /surrender in the chat, or by clicking the Surrender button in-game, a surrender vote will be called for. You, or your teammates, can call for a surrender at any time past the start of the 4th round of both the attack and defense phases. Once entered, the team must decide to pull back or push onward.

Does a surrender count as a win? ›

Yes it counts as a loss.

How long is surrender cooldown? ›

Time limit

On Summoner's Rift, surrenders cannot be called before the 15 minute mark. If a player is AFK, that player's team can surrender at any point after 3 minutes and 30 seconds with a unanimous vote, or at 15 minutes with the normal vote rules.

Does dodging placements affect MMR? ›

Dodging placements doesn't affect lp or mmr or anything at all.

How much RR can you get from a game? ›

You will usually get from 10 to 50 RR points for winning a match in a Competitive Mode. However, you also lose a similar amount if the game doesn't go your way.

What is the penalty for second dodge lol? ›

Queue1 Dodge2 Dodges
Solo/Flex Ranked Queue6 minute queue penalty -5 LP30 minute queue penalty -15 LP
Classic (Normal) Queue6 minute queue penalty15 minute queue penalty
ARAM Queue15 minute queue penalty Lose all used rerolls30 minute queue penalty Lose all used rerolls
Mar 9, 2023

What is the RR penalty for 5 stack? ›

If one or more of your 5-stack group are Radiant, the team will receive a 75% RR reduction. Having any players in your group that are below Radiant automatically reduces your potential RR by 90%.

Is it possible to skip ranks in Valorant? ›

Yeah, it's possible to skip ranks in Valorant if you perform exceptionally well in your games. The exact ranking system is not openly available for us to see, but it is generally believed that consistently winning games against higher-ranked opponents can lead to skipping a rank.

Who is the best Valorant player in the world? ›

1 — Erick 'aspas' Santos.

Can tracker GG get you banned? ›

Are Valorant trackers on Overwolf Bannable? All trackers and recording tools on Overwolf won't get you banned. They all don't violate Riot games policies.

Who is currently Radiant 1? ›

Who is the Radiant Player Darxcio? According to his Twitter bio, Darxcio reached the rank of Radiant at only 14 years old. Darxcio currently has 102 wins to his name in Episode 6 Act I, along with a 1.08 K/D ratio and 53.1% win rate.

What does ACS mean in Val? ›

Average Combat Score (ACS) in Valorant is a metric that can be used to determine how well a player performs in a given match. It is a reliable metric as the rating is calculated relative to other players in the lobby.

What radiant is TenZ? ›

TenZ was the first player to reach Valorant rank (now known as Radiant) in North America during the Closed Beta.

Is Ascendant a good rank? ›

The Ascendant rank is an above-average rank that requires players to have a good understanding of the game's mechanics and team dynamics. Therefore, players who want to get out of the Ascendant rank must focus on improving their game sense, knowledge, and ability to work as a team.

How good is platinum Valorant? ›

How Good is Platinum Rank in Valorant? If you are a Platinum player, this basically means that if you would find yourself in a room of 100 Valorant players, you'd statistically beat about 85 of them – that's how good you are.

Who is the youngest person to hit Radiant? ›

this is Lucas, a young streamer. who is actually the youngest player ever. to reach Radiant in the game of Valorant. at just 11 years old.

Is it possible to solo to Radiant? ›

Players can add the aforementioned Agents to their team composition when playing solo in Valorant competitive. Grinding to Radiant is not an easy task in Riot's shooter. But with that being said, playing Agents with high-impact abilities can always provide better outcomes than one would usually expect.

Can Platinum 1 play with Silver? ›

Starting at Platinum, you won't be able to queue for Ranked Arenas with party members more than 1 tier away. This means that Platinum players can queue with Gold but not with Silver party members.

Can gold 1 play with plat 2? ›

Gold and Platinum players can play together.

With Platinum or above, it is the same 1 tier difference.

Can gold 1 play with Silver 4? ›

Silver players have the most theoretical flexibility as they can play with anyone that's ranked up to Gold I. This trend of flexibility continues until you reach Platinum, where you can play with anyone who is Gold, but you can only play with a Diamond player if he's within two divisions of you.

Can Diamond 1 play with immortal? ›

Updated Queue compatibility in Valorant? The grouping restrictions for Ascendant players are three ranks above or below. This means an Ascendant 1 player can queue with players having Diamond 1 up to Immortal 1 ranks.

Can plat 1 play with silver 2? ›

Yes! You can group up with any number of people for a full squad of five players if you are reasonably similar in skill level. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond players can play with people who are within two skill tiers. Overwatch 2 Master players can squad up with anyone within one skill tier.

Can Iron 2 play with Silver 1? ›

All players from Iron to Silver can play together. Silver and Gold Players can play together.

Do you get AP from Deathmatch? ›

Be it in Competitive, Deathmatch, or any other matchmade game, you'll earn a certain amount of AP (Account Points) every minute you're in a match.

What mode gives the fastest XP in Valorant? ›

There's nothing wrong with running unrated or competitive matches, but Deathmatch and Spike Rush will give you the most bang for your XP buck. Each round of unrated or competitive will grant you 100 XP for playing and 200 XP for winning.

What is the fastest way to grind XP in Valorant? ›

How to Gain XP Quickly and Efficiently in Valorant
  1. Buy a Battle Pass. Buying a Battle Pass is a must if you want to accelerate your XP earnings. ...
  2. Complete Daily and Weekly Missions. ...
  3. Take Advantage of the Squad Boost. ...
  4. Play Deathmatch and Spike Rush.
Dec 14, 2022

How do I increase my MMR in Val? ›

Win/Loss MMR is straight forward; it goes up on a win and down on a loss. So, if you played well, planted the Spike, had suitable ADR, and played as a team, you should gain MMR even if you lost the game. Over time, the game's system will give you a higher RR when you win.

Does unrated MMR affect placement? ›

Even after the competitive ladder is unlocked, your unrated matchmaking and match scores will not affect your competitive placement. Once these have been completed you will have access to the ranked mode.

Is Bronze 1 better than Bronze 3 Valorant? ›

Bronze. The second lowest rank in VALORANT. Bronze works just like it does in League of Legends and TFT as it comes after Iron. In this game, there are three tiers within Bronze starting with Bronze 1 and ending with Bronze 3.

Can Platinum 1 play with Silver 2? ›

Two or three-player stack

Players in Iron and Bronze tiers can play with those up to Silver, Silver players can play with up to Gold, Gold players can play with up to Platinum, and Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant players can play with teammates exactly one tier higher at maximum.

Does Val have hidden MMR? ›

In addition to the MMR you see in-game, Riot Games also uses a hidden MMR system in Valorant to denote your true skill.

How many MMR increase per win? ›

The amount of MMR you get for each Dota 2 match is variable and depends on factors such as the rank and Rank Confidence of the players present in the game. Overall, if your Rank Confidence is high in Dota 2, you should be getting 20-to-30 MMR for each win, and lose 20-to-30 for each lost match.

Can unrated increase MMR? ›

A player's MMR can be higher or lower than his actual ranking and position based on recent performance. However, it is essential to note that only playing ranked mode affects the MMR. If you lose or win as unranked, it does not change your MMR.

Do you get penalty for leaving unrated? ›

A successful remake will end the game, with all players not receiving any XP or MMR adjustments from the match. The match will also not show up in match history. All disconnected players will take full MMR loss and receive a leaver penalty equivalent to disconnecting from a full match.

How does hidden MMR work? ›

It is determined by Riot Games when you are first given your rank. For every game you play after your placements, this hidden MMR value will change based on your performance in games, including losses and wins.

Can Bronze 5 play with gold? ›

Yes! You can group up with any number of people for a full squad of five players if you are reasonably similar in skill level. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond players can play with people who are within two skill tiers.

Can a Bronze 1 play with a gold? ›

Yes but only if you party together. They also need to do their placement matches first.


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