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The Next Most Exciting (and Scary) Horror Games Coming in 2022 and 2023

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (1)

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The upcoming horror games of 2022 and beyond pack more scares than any of us are potentially prepared for. Just as horror movies are currently enjoying a spooky renaissance, horror games are no longer relegated to the months leading up to Halloween. Instead, we can be scared all year round and the current selection of upcoming horror games feels like pure nightmare fuel. The sheer quantity and, more importantly, quality of these new scares means there's never been a better time to be a horror fan. Or a horror-loving fellow who isn't brave enough to play the game but is happy to peek through their fingers. Oh, and if you don't want to wait, you can always consult ourbest horror gamesto play now.

in theseupcoming ps5 games,new computer games, younext xbox series x gamesyou'll find scares galore. We've got the blockbuster remakes of Resident Evil 4, Dead Space and Silent Hill 2 on the way next year, but there are plenty of other terrors lurking as well. The recently announced Dark Pictures: Switchback VR will be a PSVR 2 launch title, so expect plenty of scares and there's even a new slice of Amnesia on the way with semi-open world The Bunker. We're probably going to need more than luck to survive this batch. Get your bloodstained diary. Here are the most thrilling horror games of 2022 and beyond.

Upcoming horror games 2022

Choo-choo Charles

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (2)

Developer:two star games
Platform(s):PS5, PS4, Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:December 6, 2022

The Choo-Choo Charles Steam page beautifully sums up this horrible experience; "Charles is a blood train and you must destroy him." The lastfootage(opens in new tab)from Summer Game Fest shows the harrowing tension that awaits us as we desperately explore an open world, trying to upgrade our own loveable bloodthirsty train with enough weaponry to defeat Charles. Oh, and if you haven't already had the pleasure, Charles is a cross train with a pointy grin reminiscent of Pennywise from IT. You're welcome.

TBC 2022

autopsy simulator

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (3)

Developer:forest games
Release date of:TBC 2022

PC building... pressure washing... lawn mowing... It was only a matter of time before we had a somewhat medically accurate autopsy simulator. But what's interesting about this upcoming horror PC released by Team 17 is that it has astory🇧🇷 If you've ever seen the movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe, in which Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch discover terrifying secrets surrounding a young woman's body, expect similar grisly events here. We play as a middle-aged pathologist who discovers strange occurrences while analyzing his daily work.

killer frequency

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (4)

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Developer:digital 17 team
Platform(s):PC, metapesquisa
Release date of:To be confirmed, 2022

Some games feel like a checklist of everything we'd ever want from a VR horror experience. At Killer Frequency we go back to the 80s and we are responsible for the night shift on local radio KFAM 189.16. But as we listened to classic '80s tunes, we started getting calls from townspeople who found themselves in their own horror movie. Suddenly we need to help them survive the night, everything from a neon-hued analogue radio studio. To see?Perfect.

Oxenfree 2: Missing Signals

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (5)

Developer:night study
Platform(s):PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Release date of:To be confirmed, 2022

Oxenfree 2 is a very different kind of horror game to come. Maybe one for days when you don't want your heart lurking in your throat. Five years after the events of the first game, Riley returns to Camena, his hometown, to investigate strange radio signals. Just like the original, expect bright, fluid dialogue, a great soundtrack, and hair-raising events enough to chill your spine but not send you to bed with blood-curdling nightmares.

survival tests

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (6)

Developer:red barrels
Release date of:To be confirmed, 2022

Trials is Red Barrels' long-awaited multiplayer addition to the awesome Outlast universe. The pandemic has caused further delays, but hopefully we'll have a concrete date soon, as what little we know seems puzzling, albeit puzzling. The game is set in the Cold War era, when the nefarious Murkoff Corporation conducts mind control experiments on unwilling human victims. We have to team up with friends to try to get out of the madness. Imagine an Outlast-flavored escape room and you'll be on your way to shades of green.


Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (7)

Developer:duality games
Release date of:TBC 2022

Scary kids? Check. Horrible masks? Check. Scary and distorted images? Oh wonderful, looks like we have the unholy trinity of single player horror games. This dark experience takes place both in a brutalist post-Soviet town and in the haunted realm of Unholy. Instead of weapons, here we use our emotions to make our way through the world, and we can even build our own mask to learn new skills to explore further. Some stitches may be needed later.

Upcoming horror games 2023

dead space remake

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (8)

Developer:Reasons for studies
Platform(s):PS5, Xbox Series X, PC
Release date of:January 27, 2023

The first of two blockbuster horror reimaginings on the way in 2023,dead space remakeis ready to terrify us again. Importantly, this isn't just a simple HD redesign, the 2008 original was rebuilt from the bloodstained space station floor in EA's Frostbite engine. Not only that, but just like Capcom's Resi updates, there have also been massive updates to the game. Isaac's physical responses to the stress of necromorph kill have had an update, and for that matter, the dismemberment mechanic is bloodier and meatier than ever.

Dark Images: Switchback VR

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (9)

developer: supermassive games
Release date of: February 22, 2023

Until Dawn: Veterans of Rush of Blood, please stand up. Supermassive Games' brilliantly terrifying roller coaster shooter was one of the best launch games on the original PSVR, so a new ride into hell is very welcome for the hardware sequel. An all-new story accompanies the terror of this PSVR2 launch title and is set in the Dark Pictures game world, so we'll be seeing lots of familiar faces. Rush of Blood was particularly good at ramping up the scares as the horrors jumped into the seat next to you, so prepare to be seriously freaked out by what Team Supermassive will do with PSVR2's facial haptics. *shudder*

Remake de Resident Evil 4

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (10)

Platform(s):PS5, PS4, Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:March 24, 2023

Never mind that it's been released on nearly every console generation since 2005, this is the new version of Resi we've always wanted. Completely rebuilt in Capcom's dangerously beautiful RE Engine, Resident Evil 4 Remake looks set to be a decadent exercise in horror. There hasn't been any official mention of any gameplay changes yet, but the journey of Leon and his blonde shades should be changed a bit for 2023 audiences in the same way as theRemake de Resident Evil 2yRemake de Resident Evil 3🇧🇷 Just don't touch the merchant, Capcom.

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Amnesia: The Bunker

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (11)

developer: friction games
platform(s): PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of: March, 2023

An ever-present threat? Limited light sources in the oppressive darkness? So far Amnesia, but don't let The Bunker fool you. Frictional Games has announced that this will be a very different scare. This desolate World War I bunker is actually a semi-open world, abandoning the somewhat comforting linearity of previous games in the series. Instead, there are several solutions to the puzzles that lurk in the dark, and our decisions can completely change the course of the game. Oh, and of course, there's a tall dynamo flashlight that kicks in and attracts unwanted attention...

TBC 2023

Remake de Silent Hill 2

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (12)

developer: Team Bloomer
platform(s): PS5, PC
Release date of: To be confirmed 2023

Finally, the strangely contorted cat is out of the bag. It has finally been confirmed that Bloober Team is working on a remake of one of the most mythical horror games of all time. Our journey back into the Mist will, of course, attempt to evoke all the atmosphere of James' original journey, but one big change is already clear. For the sake of immersion, there's now an over-the-shoulder camera to get us even closer to the horrors that lurk these streets. errr,Gracias?Oh, and it's to be confirmed for now, but apparently theSilent Hill 2 remake is almost doneso we might not wait long to hear the static radio sound again...

Killer Clowns from Outer Space: The Game

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (13)

Developer:teravision games
Platform(s):PS5, PS4, Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:TBC 2023

Just when you thought we couldn't have more horror movie-inspired asymmetrical multiplayer experiences comes a squeaky shoes game we didn't even know we needed. Any self-respecting 90s kid will have discovered this cult classic very early in life and it looks like the developers are exactly the same. The good news is that Teravision Games has Friday the 13th's Randy Greenback on staff to make sure the horror-comedy translation is executed as well as possible, and the team is even working with the original directors, the Chiodo brothers. Hit your nose if you're in the mood for Klown with these gun-wielding Ronald McDonalds.

Horror: Endless Night

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (14)

Developer:invisible silence
platform(s): computer
Release date of: To be confirmed 2023

You'll want to put on an extra pair of socks for this one, especially if you've already watched the first season of The Terror. This strategic survival stress fest is not officially affiliated in any way, but in Terror: Endless Night we are tasked with managing a crew aboard a 19th century ship in search of the missing HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. As we too become trapped in the grip of the ice, we will have to deal with disease, fuel, hunger and the choice between life and death for the crew. Unfortunately, those socks probably won't keep your sanity in check as reality starts to crumble under the stress of it all. Enjoy?

Benedict Fox's Last Case

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (15)

Developer:plot twist
Platform(s):Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:TBC 2023

Neons, murders, metroidvania and...Lovecraft🇧🇷 Where do we register? Benedict Fox's Last Case feels like a beautiful and frightening side trip through a realm of demons and tentacles. We are joined by the titular Mr. Fox in Boston in 1925 as he tries to solve a gruesome murder. Fortunately, Benedict is apparently bonded to a demon companion, so he can travel into the memories of the dead to see physical manifestations of trauma and emotion. It also looks like we have some terrifying powers to deal with the horrors that lurk there. Building on the tantalizing gameplay we've seen so far, this is a very exciting Xbox exclusive.

Alien: Dark Descent

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (16)

Developer:Tindalos Interactive
Platform(s):PS5, PS4, Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:TBC 2023

After the xenomorphic multiplayer action of Aliens Fireteam Elite, Dark Descent takes us back to a single player experience where no one can hear us scream. Well, okay, our AI teammates probably can because this is an RTS where we're in control of a team of Colonial Marines desperately trying to survive a new Alien story. And as if the traditional Facehuggers and Pretorians weren't enough, Dark Descent promises a unique new danger to threaten our crew's already frayed sanity. Wonderful.

layers of fears

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (17)

Developer:Team Bloomer
Platform(s):PS5, PS4, Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:TBC 2023

(Video) Top 20 Best Upcoming Horror Games 2022 And Beyond

The definitely not confusing Layers of Fears is a completely new game from Bloober Team that returns to the worlds of the original Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2. Since adding a 3 would clearly be too easy, the studio outlines this addition. for the series as a 'chronicle of psychedelic horror' spanning generations. The terrifying and intoxicating heights of the first game have never been reached since, but if nothing else, this feels like a lovely trip back to those mysterious, inky halls.

red drop

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (18)

Platform(s):Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:TBC 2023

After teasing us by betting a summer 2022 release date, Arkane cruelly wonred dropuntil 2023, but if that means more polish in this open-world vampire shooter, that's not a bad thing. Bloodsuckers have taken over an island and it's up to us and a choice of four Buffy wannabes to take them down. We can choose to go alone or in a team with three friends while we receive all kinds of customizable weapons and equipment to kill Nosferatu. Honestly, this looks like a good time.

severed head

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (19)

Developer:Bokeh Game Studio
Platform(s):PC confirmed so far
Release date of:TBC 2023

Who needs a new Silent Hill game when one of the masterminds behind the series is working on new scares with a new horror game? Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of Silent Hill and Forbidden Siren, is the head ofsevered headDevelop Bokeh Game Studio. He even hired composer Akira Yamaoka from Foggy City to terrify our ears and eyes. We're still not sure of the plot or even how it will play out, but expect hideous, twisted monstrosities, dismemberment, and sheer terror and you likely won't be disappointed.

Upcoming horror games TBC

Silent Hill City Fall

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (20)

Developer:no code
platform(s): to be confirmed
Release date of: to be confirmed

As part of the Silent Hill: Transmission broadcast, Silent Hill: Townfall was announced as a new addition to the series. If you enjoyed the progressive delights of Stories Untold and Observation, you'll be pleased to know that Glasgow-based development studio No Code is working on this new slice of the franchise. Otrailerkidding didn't reveal much with a man talking about shots of a small pocket TV with discussions of punishment and judgment. "It's a real honor for us to bring a new title to this series that respects the source material but also does something a little different with it," creative director Jon McKellan said on the stream. This can beveryvery interesting.

silent hill n

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (21)

Developer:entertainment neobards
platform(s): to be confirmed
Release date of: to be confirmed

The Silent Hill games are definitely like busloads of pyramid heads. You wait 8 years and then come three at once. Silent Hill f has also been announced as part of the Silent Hill: Transmission stream and is another intriguing prospect. Otrailerfollows a young woman through a town when a strange red weed from the War of the Worlds begins to devour everything. All we have to go on is the official description that says Silent Hill f is "an all-new story set in 1960s Japan, featuring a beautiful and terrifying world". Here we go again….


Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (22)

Developer:team influence
Release date of:to be confirmed

Revealed at this year's Future Games ShowILL is an ultra-gory survival horror with its red eyes focused on pure dismemberment. The monsters here are mutated, tentacled creations trying to ensure the last thing you see is a collection of flesh so twisted you won't even know what killed it. Even more disturbing is the fact that you'll be low on ammo, so you'll have to be smart about when to attack or when to just run in the other direction.


Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (23)

Developer:software lunar
Platform(s):Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:to be confirmed

We're used to long wait times for games after announcements, but it's been ten years since the sci-fi horror was originally revealed. Onew reveal trailerIt shows an atmospheric abandoned moon base of flickering lights and quivering robotic monstrosities. Everything looks pretty analog too when the weaponry fits. Hopefully we don't have to wait another ten years for its release, but at least we know it's coming Day One via Game Pass on Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

system crash

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (24)

(Video) 50 Upcoming Horror Games in 2023 and Beyond

Developer:night dive studios
Platform(s):PS5, PS4, Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:to be confirmed

Sim,to beSystem failure. This complete remake of the groundbreaking 1994 original has been in the works at Nightdive Studios for a long time, but we're almost ready to take on SHODAN once more. Who, by the way, is played by the same voice actor, but, don't worry, everything else has had a complete overhaul and update since the '90s. This sci-fi ride is also pleasantly colorful compared to some of the other dark horrors on the way. . If you can't wait, check out the demo available on Steam.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (25)

Developer:digital sumo
Platform(s):PS5, PS4, Xbox Série X, Xbox One, PC
Release date of:to be confirmed

The asymmetrical horror feels somewhat appropriate for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, simply because that's definitely what your body looks like when Leatherface is done with you. Released by GunMedia, the team behind the Friday the 13th game, it feels like an absolute love letter to Tobe Hooper's sweaty, gruesome masterpiece from 1974. Hide in plain sight and use the shadows to escape capture. Wait to run. And screaming.

Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (26)

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Upcoming horror games for 2022 and beyond (27)

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