How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (2023)

How to completely remove soot from clothes? Campfires, fireplaces, and candles are the places most likely to leave soot stains on clothing. The stain is quite a nuisance, especially on white clothing.

Removing soot from your clothes is easy and you can do it without any effort. But first, getting to know soot thoroughly will help you choose the best approach to cleaning it. So let's move on to the next section.

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Understand your clothing enemy: black soot

Soot can leave large stains. The stains are black and smelly due to the acids, metals, dust and chemicals contained in the soot. Soot is the impure carbon particle that is produced when fossil fuels such as coal, oil or wood are burned.(1).

Excessive use of candles, kindling, stuffy fireplaces, or hot coals from cookouts can spread soot particles throughout the area. These particles stick to the surface of anything, including your clothes.

Left untreated, soot can damage your property and affect the air quality in your home. Soot is also at the root of many health problems related to your respiratory system.(2).

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The affected fabric can only be supported and the stain prevented from adhering to the fibers by removing the soot immediately. However, you must follow a proper cleaning procedure to avoid forcing soot into the fibers. So it's time to get the soot out of your clothes.

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Are soot and smoke different? Let's find out!

Watch this video: The difference between smoke and soot

Let's stick our hand in this dirty black soot

Removing soot from clothes is not complicated, but it requires finesse, patience and proper preparation. The next section tells you what to prepare.

Vital preparations before cleaning

The crucial point in carrying out the preparation steps is to protect yourself and the environment from contamination by soot particles. Also some configuration steps to simplify the main cleaning procedure.

Equip yourself with protective gear

The soot and ash particles are so small that you could accidentally inhale the soot.Wear rubber gloves, a mask, goggles, long sleeves, and prevent these particles from settling on the skin.

cover your hairalso because any direct interaction with soot and ash could endanger the health of your skin. You can also wear a scarf or t-shirt to protect your hair.

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prepare the area

AlwaysMake sure the area is well ventilatedopen all windows and doors. Do not allow loose soot to cling and float around as the particles could end up on other objects in the room. You can also perform the cleaning process outdoors to prevent this from happening.

RememberSeparate soot contaminated clothing from unaffected clothing to avoid thistransfer soot and bad smell to other clothes. LocationPlastic sheets on clean fabrics to protect themnot affected by soot.

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remove excess soot

Shake out soot-stained clothingto loosen excess soot. Do not shake vigorously as the loosened soot could be blown to other areas. Using too much force while shaking can also push the soot deeper into the fabric, making it difficult to remove.

You can alsouse a vacuum cleanerwith gentle force to suck up all the soot as well. A handheld vacuum with a fabric brush attachment is perfect for removing soot from clothing. Hold the vacuum an inch or two away from your clothing.

Do not use a brush attachment as this pushes the soot particles deeper into the fibres.

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Let's deal with washable fabrics

Now that you've protected yourself and those around you, it's time to remove the soot with the following remedies. Remember that the methods are only suitable for washable clothes.

detergent or dishwashing liquid

Your regular laundry detergent will help remove soot effectively. Even if the grime leaves stains on the surfaces, the power of the detergent removes the stains.

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  • dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent
  • a bucket
  • bleach (optional)
  • Water conditioner (optional)
  • Isopropyl alcohol


Step 1:Turn the cloth inside out. You need to work on the other side of the affected area. This prevents soot from getting into the fibers.

Step 2:Rinse with cold tap water. Do not touch the area contaminated with soot with your fingers, as this will spread the stain and make the situation worse.

Step 3:Soak the affected fabric in a bucket with one of the solutions suggested below:

  • 1 cup dish soap to 16 cups warm water
  • A few drops of detergent and a bucket of warm water

Soak overnight for the solution to work. If you're in a hurry, soak the fabric in the detergent solution for at least 6 hours. Soaking will help remove a hardened or burnt layer of soot covering clothing.

Use:If your clothes are bleach compatible, you can add a few drops of bleach to the suggested solution. You can check the item's care label to make sure it's safe to bleach your clothes.

Level 4:Wash the garments at the highest temperature indicated on the care label. You can also add a small amount of bleach (if allowed) to the washing machine at this step. The combination of bleach and detergent also removes the smell from your clothes.

Step 5:If the next ingredient fails to remove stains, try dabbing the area with isopropyl alcohol. Wash the garment in hot water and your garment should be free of those pesky black stains.

Step 6:Dry your laundry. You should hang your clothes under the sun to get rid of all the bad smell.

Use:If your clothes have small holes from soot particles, line drying in the sunlight is the best way to keep the holes from getting bigger.

The power of detergent will help you get rid of soot instantly.

Watch this video: Demonstration of the OmniPro Soot Washer

commercial stain remover

Pre-treat stains with a commercial stain remover to break down soot particles and make cleaning easier. Now let's try this approach.

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  • Stain remover or liquid detergent
  • distilled white vinegar
  • oxygen bleach


Step 1:Work the stain remover into the affected area of ​​your garment. Or you can soak the garment in 1 ½ tablespoons of liquid detergent and 4 liters of water for 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 2:wash your clothes in hot water; Follow the instructions on the care label. Add a cup of vinegar to remove residue from your clothes.

Use:If the stain is large, apply oxygen bleach according to the manufacturer's directions.

Step 3:If necessary, repeat the entire process. Put your clothes in the dryer once the stains are gone.


Baking soda works perfectly when you need to get rid of that bad soot smell. And the best part is that you can find this ingredient at almost every grocery store in your area.

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  • baking soda (salt is a great alternative)
  • a bucket
  • laundry detergent
  • Commercially available odor eliminator
  • liquid soap (to remove stains)

Instructions on how to remove the odor

Step 1:Soak soot-infested fabrics in a bucket filled with water and a cup of baking soda.

Step 2:Leave the cloth on for at least 2 to 3 hours. It is best to let the garment soak in the baking soda solution overnight.

Step 3:Wash clothes with your favorite detergent. When the machine goes on the rinse cycle, add another cup of baking soda.

Level 4:Repeat the washing process for about 3-4 rounds until the smell is gone.

Step 5 (Optional):You can apply your favorite odor eliminator to increase the efficiency of the method.

Step 6:Dry your laundry.

Instructions for removing soot stains

Step 1:Soak baking soda in the stained fabric to soak up any excess oil. You can substitute salt for the baking soda; will work too.

Step 2:Apply a small amount of liquid soap to the stains and machine wash as usual.

Use:Don't overload your clothes. Leave room in the machine for the water to wash away the soot rather than spreading it onto other garments.

Step 3:Dry your clothes outside in the sunlight.

dry cleaning solvent

Dry cleaning solvents are an excellent way to remove soot stains from clothing. Combine this ingredient with baking soda and alcohol; the stain will fade.

How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (9)


  • Bicarbonate
  • dry cleaning solvent
  • clean towels


Step 1:Sprinkle baking soda or other absorbent powder liberally on affected clothing. Leave the baking soda on the clothing for at least 30 minutes.

Step 2:Shake off the sodium bicarbonate or aspirator.

Step 3:Sponge the affected fabric with a clean cloth and dry cleaning solvent.

Level 4:Continue with the sponge until the stains are 100% gone.

Step 5:Rinse with a damp cloth and let the fabric dry.

Soak in baking soda or borax powder

Soaking the clothes in the cleaning solution made from baking soda water or borax powder will not only help remove the stains but also the bad odor. Try this method now!

How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (10)


  • a large tub
  • Bicarbonate
  • Borax-Pulver


Step 1:Pour ¼ cup of borax powder or 1 cup of baking soda into a large tub of hot water. The water temperature should be suitable for your clothes.

Step 2:Soak the affected clothing in the tub overnight. The solution loosens the soot particles from the clothes.

Step 3:Wash your clothes according to the instructions on the care label.

Level 4:Dry your laundry.


Yes, vinegar is another natural ingredient that you can use. It tolerates almost every washing machine and also helps to remove soot stains.

How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (11)


  • distilled white vinegar
  • liquid soap
  • Oxygen based bleach or for all fabrics
  • Heavy-duty liquid detergent

Instructions for use with bleach

Step 1:Place your affected clothes in the washing machine.

Step 2:Put heavy-duty detergent in the appliance. Next, pour 1 cup of white vinegar and ½ cup of oxygen-based bleach into the machine.

Step 3:Wash your clothes according to the instructions on the care label.

Level 4:Dry your laundry.

water conditioner

Mix in water conditioner to make the fabric look fresher or even shinier. With the help of the detergent, your clothes will be soot-free.

How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (12)


  • water conditioner
  • Colorfast bleaching detergent


Step 1:Place your clothes in the washing machine and set the machine to a high water level. Choose the highest temperature that is suitable for your clothes.

Step 2:Pour a cup of water conditioner into the washing machine. Then add ½ cup of color safe bleach to the machine.

Step 3:Run the machine for the first lap. Then apply the detergent again and go to the second round.

Level 4:Check your clothes for stains and odors. If necessary, repeat the process.

Step 5:Air dry your clothes.

Use:Remember to clean the closet of grime and odors to ensure your garment doesn't become recontaminated.

ammonia and borax

If you're dealing with much heavier soot stains, try ammonia and borax. These powerful detergents should be your last resort to remove soot as they can damage the fibers of your clothes.

How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (13)

Warning:Test the ammonia on an inconspicuous area of ​​your clothing to make sure you can use this method. If discoloration occurs, stop using this method.


  • Borax
  • Ammonia
  • Formula 409
  • Sal
  • laundry detergent
  • seifenfreies shampoo
  • laundry detergent
  • clean towels


Step 1:Cover your affected clothing with salt. Leave the salt on the fabric for several hours. Then shake off the salt and machine wash your clothes.

Step 2:Dip the fabric in Formula 409. Then wash your clothes a second time.

Step 3:Pour ½ cup of borax and/or baking soda into the washing machine and wash affected clothing with regular laundry detergent.

Use:Do not use ammonia on the wool as this chemical damages the fibres.

Level 4:Use a clean cloth and apply soap-free shampoo to the soiled fabric. Add diluted ammonia (10%) along with the shampoo.

Step 5:Brush out stains with a soft bristle brush until the garment is spotless.

Step 6:Rinse the fabric with water and allow the garment to dry.

Chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach

This powerful detergent removes stubborn soot stains on your clothes. However, bleach damages certain types of fabrics, so check the care label on your clothing before using this method.

How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (14)


  • stain remover for clothing
  • heavy duty detergent
  • Chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach
  • dry cleaning solvent
  • absorbent paper towels


Step 1:Apply the stain remover to the stains for 1 minute.

Step 2:Rub the stain with the detergent and wash your clothes immediately afterwards if the stains are stubborn.

Step 3:Wash your clothes with oxygen bleach according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Level 4:If stains persist, use absorbent paper towels to apply dry cleaning solvent to the back of the stains.

Step 5:Let the solvent dry and wash your clothes again.

Step 6:Let the washed things dry.

What about fabrics that are dry-clean only?

Dry cleaning is not suitable for machine washing or exposure to large amounts of water. To clean these types of fabrics, you should send them to a professional cleaner who has experience cleaning soot stains on clothing.

How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (15)

If your clothes just smell bad, you can try applying an at-home dry cleaning kit and following the brand's instructions. Then put your clothes on a clothesline and let them dry.

Remove soot smell from clothing

If your clothes are just covered in the smoky soot smell, how can you get rid of it completely? Well, here are some ways you could try.

Machine wash your clothes with strong detergent and warm water.It will help get rid of all the smoke smell. to the firstthree washes, shouldhand washto prevent clothing from being recontaminated by soot oil.

Use:For polyester and cotton clothing, do not use bleach when washing.

Spray your clothes with a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar. Do this a few times and your clothes will be smoke odor free. If the smell persists, wash the damp clothes in the washing machine1 cup vinegar and 1 cup baking soda.

wash your clothes againwith yournormal detergent. Don't worry about the vinegar smell; it will fade as your clothes dry. Repeat the whole process several times to make sure the smell is gone.

Cover your non-washable clothes with a layer of baking sodait will also remove unwanted odors. Simply sprinkle a large amount of baking soda on your clothes for 24 hours and shake off the dust. Repeat the process until your clothes are free of the soot smell.

Don't try to use perfumes, disinfectants or sprays to cover up the bad smell. Combining two different scents will only make the situation worse. OnlyUse a commercially available odor eliminatorwhich can break down the stinky odor. Apply an ozone treatment if the odor is too strong.

How to remove soot from clothes - Restore your clothes 2022 (16)

Another option isSoak your clothes in a solution of 6 tablespoons trisodium phosphate and 1 cup bleach in a 1-gallon bucket of water overnight. After that, rinse your clothes with water and air dry them in the sunlight.

frequently asked questions

Feel free to ask these questions. I bet you will find many interesting things here. light up!

How can I remove black ash from clothes?

First things first: you need to shake off excess ash and pre-treat the affected fabric with a commercial stain remover. Then wash your clothes as usual. If a stain remains, dab some alcohol on the stained area with a clean cloth. Rinse your clothes and let them air dry.

Can I wash charcoal out of clothes?

Sure, you should suck up the excess charcoal with a vacuum. Prepare a liquid dishwashing solution with 2 cups of warm water and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Use a clean cloth and apply the solution to the stain. Rinse with cold water and dry the clothes with another cloth.

Can I use sugar soap to remove soot from candles?

Be sure to pretreat affected clothing with sugar soap by rubbing the product into the stain. Wash the clothes in lukewarm water and the soot is gone.

Can soot cause a fire?

Yes, if you don't clean your fireplace or candles of soot, it can build up over time. The material can cause a fire and also have serious health consequences.

How to tell the difference between black soot and black mold?

Apply a little bleach to a paper towel and rub it onto the affected surface; it is mold when the black color fades. Otherwise, the black spot is caused by soot.

Does soot cause permanent stains?

Soot can permanently stain your clothes if you don't clean them thoroughly. Don't press the stain too hard as this will push it deeper into the grain and cause permanent stains.

Can Magic Eraser remove soot?

Magic Eraser is the best choice for removing soot stains when you have soot stains on solid surfaces such as walls, cabinets or ceilings. Simply vacuum the surface and use Magic Eraser according to package directions; Soot stains fade.

How do I get the soot out of the curtain?

You can remove the soot from the curtain by sprinkling salt or baking soda on it and letting it sit on the fabric for about 3 hours. Then vacuum the fabric. For the most stubborn stains, you can try soaking the curtain in detergent and hot water for 30 minutes.

Then wash the curtain as usual. Repeat soaking 4-5 times; Your curtain will be free of soot.

How to remove soot from furniture?

First, vacuum the area with a HEPA vacuum. After that, gently scrub the floor with a dry chemical sponge and switch to another side of the sponge when the old one starts to darken. Replace with a new sponge if the old one is full of soot.

Apply a wood cleaner to furniture surfaces. Murphy's Oil Soap is an excellent option to finish off the cleanse.

Don't let soot stick to your clothes for long.

However, if you leave soot on your clothes untreated, it not only harms your clothes but also your health. Prolonged inhalation of soot causes serious lung and respiratory problems. So take them out of your clothes now!

I hope you enjoy the information provided. Don't hesitate and share the post with your friends to help them. See you next time!

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  1. 2021. Ruß – Wikipedia.
  2. Rituraj, N., 2021. The Toxicological Mechanisms of Environmental Black Carbon (Black Carbon)
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