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There's nothing better than the smell of fresh laundry. Whether it's a clean day look or the comforting, relaxing smell of laundry detergent on your freshly laundered sheets as you drift off to sleep, it's one of life's simple pleasures.

But sometimes the worst happens. You take a load of clothes out of the dryer, still warm, and put them on your bed, and it smells good, and... your clothes still smell after the wash. Not only is it off-putting -- not to mention a potential costume-buster -- but that musty smell cancause some health problemsIf you or guests touch it for a long time.

Why do my clothes smell after washing? Let's talk mold—what it is and how to deal with it so you can get back to smelling bliss in clean laundry as soon as possible.

So, Why Do My Clothes Smell Musty After Washing?

Mistakes are bound to happen. We've all tossed loads of laundry into the washer just to be busy or distracted and forget about it until much later. Or maybe you rolled up your workout gear or even your swimsuit after going to the gym and forgot it was in your bag.

While it might be embarrassing to notice musty smells on your clothes, it's not a big deal. All it takes is a wet suit and a little time, so it's an easy mistake to make. Matters such as hard water or buildup in the washing machine can also cause mold.

Is mold the same as mildew?

If you think back to high school, you probably remember a math teacher saying that all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. The same goes for mold and mildew. Mold refers to a certain type of mold - butNot All Molds Are Molds.

So your clothes smell musty. what can you do for this

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Laundry smells bad after drying. So, you might be wondering how to get rid of sour smell from clothes after washing. Thankfully, as frustrating as it is, the musty smell is completely fixable. So if you're worried about throwing away your favorite clothes, don't.

It's also important to remember that masking the smell is not the solution. It may be tempting to spray yourself in perfume to cover up the smell, but unless you deep clean your clothes to remove mold or mildew, the smell won't go away.

The nice thing about demoulding is that while it can be time consuming, it's actually pretty easy and mostly DIY. youhe canHelp deal with mold with an extra product, like a cup of borax, but you can also just go straight to the kitchen.

When you notice a bad or musty smell, don't reach for the bleach! These gentle options do the trick and get rid of the musty smell as quickly as possible.

1. Adjust laundry habits

While fabric softeners might seem like a good idea, if you're having a mold problem, they could be one of the causes.fabric softener residueMay react with your cleaner to form a buildup known as "scrud". This can build up over time and mess up your cleansing cycle.

Also, if you're dealing with a mold problem, it's best not to use scented detergents, as they mask the odor rather than address it. ourLaundry Detergent Tabletsis a simple, non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to heavy-smelling, scented detergents.

2. Wash with vinegar

Now ditch your usual laundry routine and head to the kitchen for some white vinegar. You're probably familiar with white vinegar being a great choice for many types of cleaners, but you might not know that it can also be used to fight laundry room mold.

Throw moldy clothes in the washing machine with a cup of white vinegar and rinse in hot water. If you wash your clothes with vinegar, it can help remove dirt, mold spores, and other impurities that can cause odors.

3. usesodium bicarbonate

Then use the classic deodorant: baking soda. Sprinkle a cup of baking soda as evenly as possible on the clothing. Baking soda is alkaline, which means it has a strong ability to get rid of musty smells—which is why you probably have a box of baking soda in the back of your fridge.

4.Argon dryFinish

Drying on the clothesline is one of those little life hacks we seem to forget over time. While a dryer is convenient, airflow is critical when dealing with mold issues.

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Even if you've used vinegar to break down mold and baking soda to neutralize your clothes, if you collect all your freshly washed clothes and put them in the dryer, there's a good chance that moisture and moisture will linger there and you'll end up with will go back to square one.

If you live in a less favorable climate, you can hang your clothes indoors to dry. Just make sure they're hanging and not lying on a flat surface that can soak up moisture, and let them air dry until dry.Perfect landThe mountains are high.

That said, drying clothes on an outdoor clothesline is ideal, especially if the sun isn't out. This is becauseUV light can have disinfecting propertiesTherefore, exposure to sunlight will help kill any mold or bacteria left behind after a wash cycle.

As an added bonus, drying clothes online isenvironmentally friendly.Even if you don't have a mold problem, using the dryer every time you do your laundry is a good idea, especially if it's sunny and hot.

5. Repeat as needed

If you've done all of these steps and you still have a little musty smell on your clothes, repeat the steps above. You can also add an extra half cup of vinegar when rinsing clothes to make sure every bit of musty smell is gone.

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In addition to being extra careful not to let your stuff sit while it's wet, there are additional steps you can take to minimize the chances of mold developing.

For example, you know that you should regularlyDisinfect bed sheets? That's true, as are towels and other linens that come into constant contact with sweat, body odor, and body fluids, as they can also make you prone to mold.

Mold is also more likely to multiply when airflow is restricted. If there is humidity in the air or in your home, and your clothes are stored in closed closets, it's best to let them breathe.

at last,Switch to sheets and towels made of silver-plated fabricsIt can help reduce microbial growth and reduce the occurrence of mold. This is because silver actually kills germs and germs on contact rather than allowing them to multiply.


While the smell of mold and mildew can be off-putting, there's no need to panic. Whether you have a top-loading or front-loading washer, you can easily get rid of musty smells on your clothes by following these simple steps and get back to enjoying clean, fresh clothes in no time.

It's important to wash your clothes right away, store them in a well-ventilated area, and use the right laundry products to avoid future mold problems. But with these tips, you'll never have to worry about musty and bad smells again.


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