How to remove condensation from your watch in 7 easy ways (2023)

How to remove condensation from your watch in 7 easy ways (1)

If you are a watch enthusiast, you will definitely care about every part of it. If you see small drops on the dial, you will panic even more. The first thing you will look for on the internet is how to remove moisture from your watch. Regardless of whether it's a watch or a brand, there are some basic points to keep in mind to protect your watch from problems caused by this water content. This will not only make your watch hassle-free, but also more durable.

Before knowing how to remove condensation from your watch, you need to know exactly what condensation is and how it affects your watch. Condensation is one of the main problems with watches and should be seriously considered and dealt with. Condensation naturally causes the watch to fog up. It will also be difficult to see the watch face as it will be fully compressed.

Condensation is one of the main factors that lead to watch damage. This damage can be permanent, and if you don't make a good correction in time, you may lose your watch's good performance.

This can come from many sources. It is important to discover the exact source and then discover the solution for a specific situation. A permanent solution to this issue is always welcome as this should never happen to your watch again. Let's look at some of the important sources of this problem.

Causes of condensation on watches

Moisture levels in watches mostly occur during the winter. While themoisturein the atmosphere is high in these weather conditions, there is a high possibility that your watches will be affected by high humidity. This may cause droplets to form on the watch face. Condensation can also form when a water resistant watch is submerged for an extended period of time.

There are many watches available in the market with water resistance ratings of 100m, 50m, 30m, etc. Even if they are waterproof, they can only be used for recreational swimming. If you are interested in water sports or have a passion for water diving, then these watches are not so perfect for you to withstand full water absorption. This can cause small droplets to form on the surface of the display.

Non-waterproof watches can also cause problems, especially if dropped in water. Even if the water is shallow, if the watch is completely unstable in water, condensation is said to occur. You should fix this issue very quickly. If the solution is not timely, the watch will even stop working. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose watches with high water resistance, as you can greatly reduce the problem of condensation.

If the watch face is worn or has cracks (even very small ones), there is a high possibility that moisture from the atmosphere will penetrate the watch and make it look cloudy. Even if the waterproof seal is worn, condensation may form.

One of the main problems where condensation occurs is the poor quality of the watch. If the watch is not a good brand or if you bought the watch from a local supplier at a deep discount, the watch may not be of good quality. The moisture content in this case can easily penetrate the watch.

It is always recommended to check every corner of the walls and their building materials before purchasing so that the condensation problem can be avoided somehow. Condensation also occurs in high quality watches – the customer can follow some tips and tricks here to ensure the watch remains protected from moisture.

Removing condensation from the watch

Every watch enthusiast needs to know some tips and tricks that, if followed, will reduce condensation on watches. These are simple methods that can be practiced by anyone. Just read through all these methods and think about which one works best for you. Try any one of them at your leisure and in no time your watch will be more than perfect.

a bed of rice

This is going to sound like a joke, but try removing your phone on a bed of rice if it's exposed to moisture. Rice bed is actually a bowl full of rice. Rice has the ability to absorb moisture and keep your watch free of any kind of condensation.

It is always recommended to remove the crown from the watch before placing it in the bed of rice. Which will be easier for the absorption process. Leaving the watch in this method overnight or longer will give you a great result.

You can even use silica gel to absorb moisture from the watch. If you have the gel bags available, you can substitute rice for it and make a bed out of it to make it suitable for the absorption process.

Sun light

It is always a good idea to leave your watch in direct sunlight if it is exposed to moisture. As a result, the small water droplets evaporate easily. To do this, you must first clean the outer glass of the watch with a clean cloth. This is done to remove excess liquid that may have stuck to the glass. Place the watch face and glass facing the sunlight. You can choose any location favorable for this condition - your garden area or indoors. Make sure you get enough sunlight to absorb all the fog from the watch.

optional heat source

If you don't have direct sunlight available or you experience winters, you will need an additional heat source to carry out this absorption process. The same procedure is continued and the heat source can be used instead of sunlight. Always make sure that the watch receives just enough heat. Never increase the heat level beyond a limit. In this case, the glass may break.

A hair dryer can be used for this purpose. Simply remove the back of the watch and place it on a towel. You can adjust the heat levels and ensure that only a small amount of heat is received by the watch just to remove condensation. Never focus on a single point, apply heat to all areas of the dial.

use of cat litter

If you have a cat, you can place the watch in a bowl of cat litter. This has excellent absorption properties and will help reduce condensation on your watch.

using a fan

Airflow can also reduce moisture levels inside the watch. Allow enough air to flow into the watch continuously for a few days. This will really highlight the watch's moisture level and keep it running smoothly.

Electronics as a heat source

If you don't have sunlight or a direct source of heat that can be applied to the watch to reduce moisture, there is a simple trick to do this. Take a clean cloth and wrap the watch in it. If you have a cable or satellite box, place this cloth over it. These boxes emit a certain amount of heat which can be used by the watch as an external heat source. You can use any kind of electronics that help you for this purpose.

Admission to the service team

If none of the above methods have successfully removed your watch's moisture content, it is highly recommended that you have it serviced by an expert. You can take it to the brand's call center or even to an authorized store. If you are out of warranty, you will receive service or replacement at no additional cost. There will be professionals to help you avoid this problem and keep your watch running like new. Always remember to only choose this solution if no other solution works for you.

There are many other methods to remove condensation on watches as well, but the above methods are inherently simpler and more effective.

video solution


How to remove moisture from watch. You will never have to throw away your watches if they are affected by moisture if you can use any of these methods. You will get great results by following any of them.

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