How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (2023)

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How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (1)

Procedure for Cleaning and Fumigation Nap Slab Like Virtuoso
Nap surface decontamination can be intimidating, but brave sleepers fear not! Sometimes we have to be cleaning gurus and mattress care gurus for a variety of reasons, whether it's child intervention, elder care, or spring's hallowed touches. At Ukraine Cleaners we have extensive mattress refurbishment expertise and are ready to impart our hygienic sleeping space wisdom.

Here's an exciting discovery: You don't need a lot of potions or expensive gadgets to have the perfect sleep sanctuary. Check out the humble trinity of household gods: baking soda, vinegar, and everyday dish soap!

If you're reading this post-accident article, remember this: Investing in a waterproof mattress protector will certainly protect against future adversity with leaks and splashes.

Deciphering the Mystery of the Mattress Manager

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (2)

Pillowcases, both mysterious and mundane, tend to succumb to the mouth of the washing machine. Be sure to follow the sacred label so as not to deviate from the will of the creator. To extend the life of your waterproof jacket, choose cool or warm settings and let your trusty protector dry in the whisper of the air, preventing the heat from falling.

related:Unlock the perfect potential of your washing machine with the guidance of our smart cleaners from Ukraine!

The Art of Mattress Cleansing

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (3)

If you choose to accept your assignment, you'll need to take an individualized approach based on who your mattress is and the culprits behind the contamination. Follow these leaderboards and spot enemies!

Bed Type:

  • memory foam
  • coil pad
  • Sono Gel Surface
  • latex sleeper
  • Hybrid Nap Station
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Familiar enemies:

  • crimson plasma
  • Gold flow
  • night sweat
  • Throw
  • Nutrition Potion

Residue can be easily removed from most chameleon pillows, but watch out for excess moisture! Large quantities of H2O can submerge mattresses to unknown depths, causing spore producers and microbes to multiply.

The only outliers:Memory foam mattress.

Leaning into memory foam territory

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (4)

  • your oil legacyMake memory foam susceptible to unintended reactions with chemical mixtures. Or, come up with your own solution, or mix life's humble liquid with a little laundry potion or dishwashing magic to get rid of any stains adorning your memory foam fields.

  • steam cleanerWith memory foam, temptation is resisted and strongly discouraged. However, when it comes to hair loss emergencies, hire a hairdresser in the humblest of circumstances.

In the event of an unexpected ordeal, eagerly clean any noble pads you have before proceeding. No overflow? Craving a scented sleep surface? The scent neutralizing mantra, repeated enthusiastically, has great results.

Mattress Care Ritual

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (5)

An unspoilt oasis of rest not only delights the senses but also prolongs the vitality of the mattress by eliminating allergens and irritants. Bring the joy of sleep:

Get these powerful tools:

(Video) How 7 Years Of Dirt Is Deep Cleaned From Mattresses | Deep Cleaned

  • an empty totem pole
  • The magic of dishes or the elixir of enzymes
  • Roast Soup
  • Microfiber Heirloom
  • blue water

1. Start by making the bedIt's elegant and throws it into the warm embrace of the laundry. The heat cycle drives away the evil army of mites. Take this opportunity to refresh your beloved headrest as well.

2. Release your Voidtotem(with upholstery attachment) over your mattress to expel all escaping debris, from swarms of dust mites to oozing dust and dry skin. Investigate every nook and cranny and root out dirt.

3. Finally, remove any remaining stainsQuick application dish voodoo and ice water, or look for enzyme champions. Use masterful minimalism and avoid soaking up the mattress. Before you start your attack, consult the parchment that indicates where the mattress came from.

Using the solution of choice, grease the microfiber residue and rub it vigorously over the stain to dislodge its presence. Pour cold water on stubborn competitors.

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (6)

Darling, if your sleeping grounds have been stained with unfathomable sweat, don't worry! Give your mattress a little all-purpose baking soda and say goodbye for a few hours, or invite that mystical glow for a night. With the sun dancing wildly through your windows, they'll sweep up any dirt that gets in their way, honey!

Once that cosmic alliance is gone, it's time to open the door to baking soda, which vacuums your mattress like an anxious astronaut.

Now, if your sleeping pod has been a resident of the Unholy for a while, it might need some affection, love (platonic) and care! get ready darling:

1.Wipe dry, dry or wipe away any dirt, moisture or unwanted moisture

2.Get That Enzyme Cleaner To Tough Tough Stains And Keep Your Mattress From Wetting

3.Mattress a bit wet? Grab that tissue, or a microfiber cloth, and gently swallow any lingering liquid.

4.Embrace the power of cat litter! Apply an unscented layer and let these soft particles work their magic overnight, perfume be damned.

5.Summon your beloved cleaner to wave goodbye to that litter of cats

6.Don't forget to lift that mattress and retrace the steps of those melodies, my little angel

Let's talk about what to do about the humidity with those urine-stained mattresses, huh?

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (7)

1.Like a seasoned ballroom dancer, soak up as much of the wild pee as you can with dabbing paper towels, microfiber towels, or repurposed bath towels. scrub? No honey, it just increases penetration!

2.Make this homemade potion yourself: 2 tablespoons laundry detergent, 1 cup white vinegar, and 2 cups cold water, preferably in a spray bottle. Don't worry about adding moisture, dear -- this mattress has seen it all.

3.When ready, wet your mattress with your new magic and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Now, one more cat litter or baking soda on stage, my love! Allow this last night to sleep peacefully before vacuuming up any debris.

If the smell persists, spray the cleansing and drying lotion for a long time until the acid urine scandal goes away.

Now, for those mistakes involving urine that has evaporated, rehydration is key! This temporarily creates an unpleasant smell!

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (8)

1. Apply liberally to the area with your mystery vinegar, dish soap and water., then cover it with plastic wrap or a trash bag—let it steep to do a full turn in the sun. Then remove the plastic and leave the suit to dry for another half day or so. Honey, it may take several encores.

2. For those tempted by memory foam, gently remove stubborn urine with a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, check after an hour or two and air dry.

3. Events related to dogs or cats, need to act quickly to stop the pet rebellion. While animal urine is pungent, the tried-and-true cleaning methods described earlier will give you victory in the battle against zone-marked mattresses. Rejoice, sweet sleeper!

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How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (9)

So tighten your language loins, folks, and get ready to plunge headlong into a maelstrom of widdershins and wonkyboomba, the only certainty is that everything will squeak like a bucket of bloody wallpaper! Welcome to the raucous, rootless place where even our extravagant slackers need a nap, with some unusual concoctions!

Cheers, my savage whores, may we throw this wonderful party like a bunch of jubilant rappers!

step 1:Clean this genius without soiling the bed - no stain trim here, folks.

Step two:Lots of yeast (sodium) powder in the laundry room (avoid luring your feline with the idea of ​​a kitty litter bathroom!)

third step:Sweep the rotten broth and restore it

Four steps:Book them, Danno! Continue back to step 3 until the baking soda is dry on your first surface.

Step 5:Tango's Back to the Human Tinnitus Protocol, Start by Soaking This Stain in a Cleansing Elixir

No baking soda? no problem!

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (10)

sodium bicarbonate, that all-around dodger, isn't just for mattress-making wonders. Fear not, friend, if you don't have it on your shelves, unscented cat litter (no cats allowed!) might do the trick. Baby powder or baby powder also acts as a mattress stain or pinch absorbent like your trusty old table salt.

Painting a rainbow in your bedroom? Throwing up on the mattress?

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (11)

Mattress crash games have nothing to be ashamed of. Like a genie, pitch can sink into it, leaving behind a fragrant feast. Let's start the cleanup!

1.Start by catching the colorful yawn while avoiding mattress rubbing. Grab an old bath towel for the bulk, then switch to paper towels or a microfiber cloth to keep moisture out.

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2.Mix laundry detergent with two cups of water. Use this foaming combo to dissolve vom residue and buff the stain until it shines. Stay wet instead of drenched by wiping instead of raining.

3.Now, mix 3 parts white vinegar with a little water and use a spray bottle to wash off the stained powder. Don't be afraid of the pungent smell of vinegar - they'll go away in no time!

4.Air dry the bad boys, rinse and repeat the previous steps if necessary. After cleaning, spray with isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to deal with any remaining bacteria. Persistent smell? Baking soda overnight, then vacuum in the morning.

Pro-diddly-do-da-tip:For the rug throw away, follow suit.

Spilled some life juice (aka blood) on the mattress?

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (12)

1.It's a bit annoying indeed, and harder to get rid of once it settles in. Use cold water only; warm water can permanently repair this stain. Use a microfiber cloth to wet, dry and remove blood.

2.Then squeeze out some hydrogen peroxide, let it fight the stain, and wipe it off after it sizzles. Rinse and repeat as needed.

3.Pow-za! Mix a paste of baking soda (either cold water or peroxide) and rub it into the stain. After 30 minutes, rinse again with a damp cloth.

Pro-diddly-blood-removal presents:Take the old meat tenderizer - believe it! Use it instead of baking soda in pastes.

Cleaning a wet mattress?

How to Clean and Disinfect Mattresses Like a Pro – Cleaners Ukraine (13)

Worried about the rainy day is what caused it? Put the mattress on a dry floor as soon as possible without actual bodily fluids (see above) to avoid bacteria clogging the party.

If it's a flooding situation, it might be time to say goodbye to mattresses. Flooding often brings unwanted contaminants and can turn your mattress into a biohazard nightmare. A new mattress is the safest for the whole gang.

in short,

No matter what's wrong with your mattress, our professional cleaning team will provide you with a (side) reliable way to scrub and keep it shiny!

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How do you sanitize and disinfect a mattress? ›

You can sanitize and disinfect your mattress using natural household cleaners or a commercial spray meant to disinfect sweat stains and kill germs. It's best to avoid sprays and solutions that contain bleach as this can damage the mattress fibers. You can also spray an enzyme cleaner on the mattress.

How do professional cleaners clean mattresses? ›

How a Mattress Cleaning Service Works. A good mattress cleaning service first inspects the mattress, then uses chemical solutions to remove specific surface stains. Next, high-temperature water is injected and then suctioned away, or blasts of steam are used to kill dust mites and bacteria.

Does hydrogen peroxide disinfect mattress? ›

There are several ways to deep clean a mattress, but I suggest using baking soda and a cleaning solution made from dish soap, water, and hydrogen peroxide. You will coat your entire mattress in both baking soda and the cleaning solution, and then let it sit for at least 8 hours!

Can I spray Lysol disinfectant spray on my mattress? ›

Our Lysol® Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% of the germs that are hanging around on your homes' soft furnishings. Its unique cap completely covers large areas without over wetting, making it great for soft surfaces such as your decorative cushions, mattress, sofa etc. To use, simply spray and then allow to air dry!

Is it safe to spray Lysol on a mattress? ›

Antibacterial Spray

Lysol is a popular disinfectant that you can use on your mattress.

What ingredient is best to clean mattress? ›

Mix together dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to create a mattress stain remover. Use a spray bottle to best apply this mixture. Once the stains have been sprayed, blot or rub them using a towel or rag.

How long does a mattress take to dry after professional cleaning? ›

Once cleaned, your mattress should be left to dry between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of steam that was used during the cleaning process. You can speed up the drying process by pointing a fan directly onto the mattress or let the air in through windows.

What cleans a dirty mattress? ›

Items such as baking soda and vinegar can be used as all-natural cleaning agents for your dirty mattress. Distilled white vinegar can be used to pull stains out, while baking soda will soak up the vinegar and eliminate odors.

What kills bacteria on a mattress? ›

Antibacterial sprays and enzyme cleaners are readily available at your local drugstore or supermarket and can be effective in disinfecting mattresses. Baking soda, white vinegar and even vodka are all common household items that are great for sanitizing and cleaning.

How do you disinfect a mattress without washing it? ›

Sprinkle baking soda all over the entire mattress

If you can't put your mattress out in the sun and fresh air, baking soda is the next best thing. Sprinkle a layer over the entire top of the mattress and leave for several hours (or better yet, apply before an overnight trip).

How do you disinfect bed and pillow? ›

The best disinfectant may not be the wash, but the drying process. Tumble-drying laundry, including pillows, on high heat for at least 30 minutes is sufficient for killing most influenza germs. Don't hesitate to tumble dry for longer, however.

How long can you leave hydrogen peroxide on a mattress? ›

If you've noticed yellowish stains appearing on your bed, you may want to clean sweat stains out of your best mattress. To lighten these stains, use a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and water and spray the solution on the stain. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes before blotting out any excess.

How long do you leave hydrogen peroxide on a mattress? ›

Grab a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide – mix three tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of washing liquid into it until the powder dissolves. Pour into a spray bottle, attack the stain and let it sit for at least an hour.

How long does hydrogen peroxide take to dry on a mattress? ›

Let it sit for about 30 minutes. The paste will dry and the hydrogen peroxide will start to bubble. When the hydrogen peroxide bubbles stop, dab the stain again with a clean, damp cloth to remove both the stain and the solution. Let the mattress air dry completely before putting any bedding back on.

How do you make a disinfectant spray for a mattress? ›

Simply mix half part water and half part white vinegar into a bottle. Just spray the mix onto your mattress and blot with a damp towel and let it dry before putting your sheets on. We'd recommend simply sprinkling some baking soda on after spraying as well to help with tough odors.

What happens when you spray rubbing alcohol on your mattress? ›

It's flammable

Isopropyl alcohol is extremely flammable. Though it dries quickly, spraying it on upholstered furniture, carpets, fabrics, clothing, and mattresses creates a fire hazard. Vapors that linger in the air are also highly flammable.

Why spray alcohol on your bed at night? ›

Do Alcohol Help to Disinfect the Mattress? It is imperative to sleep on a clean mattress for good sleep. But some dust mites, germs, dead skin cells, or sweat residue may hang about or under the surface of your mattress. Rubbing alcohol is an incredible disinfectant that removes any foul smell from the mattress.

Can bed bugs survive Lysol? ›

Lysol is a disinfectant that contains active ingredients such as ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol, both of which are proven to be toxic to bed bugs. When sprayed directly on these pests, Lysol will kill them immediately.

Can you use Lysol hydrogen peroxide on mattress? ›

For very light or fresh stains:

Fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide. Lightly spray the stain with peroxide, and blot it away with a dry towel. Repeat until the stain is gone. Let the mattress dry completely before remaking the bed.

Is it safe to spray Lysol on bed pillows? ›

Yes, you can use disinfecting sprays like Glade or Lysol on your pillows to eliminate germs and bacteria. Ensure your pillows are completely dry before sleeping to prevent trapping moisture. Avoid oversaturating your pillow with a disinfecting spray.

Can I use Dawn to clean my mattress? ›

First things first, dip your wet cloth in the warm water with liquid dish soap such as Dawn, and gently soak the area that appears stained. Be careful not to put too much water on your mattress, and instead focus on the specific spot where the stain is.

Is there such thing as a mattress cleaner? ›

Resolve Multi-Fabric Cleaner and Upholstery Stain Remover

This cleaner is ideal for mattresses, most carpets, upholstery, and other common surfaces. It can lift up food, wine, juice, and urine.

How do you clean and deodorize a mattress? ›

Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, let it sit for 30 minutes to two hours, and then vacuum it up. How do you get a smell out of a mattress? Sprinkling baking soda on top of the mattress will neutralize odors. Once you vacuum up the baking soda, let the mattress air out.

What is first to remove in cleaning the mattress? ›

The first step to cleaning your mattress is vacuuming. This will remove mites, dust, dead skin, hair, and other debris from the mattress. Use a wide brush attachment to vacuum the top of the mattress.

What happens if you don't clean pee out of a mattress? ›

Urine contains bacteria, so if its left long enough it can develop mould. Urine contains urea, uric acid and other compounds that can be a risk. That smell of ammonia that gets trapped inside your mattress is caused by bacteria eating away at the residue of the urine.

How do you refresh a dirty mattress? ›

Refresh & Reset
  1. Give your mattress a good vacuuming. ...
  2. Remove any stains and deodorize. ...
  3. Give your mattress some fresh air. ...
  4. Opt to lower your bedroom temperature and humidity. ...
  5. Seal the deal with a mattress protector.
Feb 15, 2017

How do you clean urine out of a mattress without baking soda or vinegar? ›

Also, you can use an enzyme cleaner for a mattress that chemically breaks down stains and odors. Make the paste using salt and lemon juice. Apply the paste to the mattress stain and let it settle for almost 1 hour. Wipe off the paste using a clean towel.

How do you disinfect bed sheets? ›

Sanitizing towels and bed sheets

To wash bleach-safe bed sheets and towels, machine wash in the hottest water recommended using a good detergent and ⅔ cup Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach in a traditional deep-fill washer, or ⅓ cup Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach in a high efficiency clothes washer.

Does baking soda disinfect mattress? ›

Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress, and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Re-vacuum your mattress. Use a damp sponge and a mild household cleaning solution to wipe down your mattress generously. If possible, drag your mattress into a sunny area – the UV light will aid in killing bacteria.

Can I use Clorox wipes on my mattress? ›

Clorox wipes are sudsy enough to use for scrubbing, but it's not a good idea to use them on upholstered surfaces like sofas or mattresses. The alcohol in Clorox wipes can stain or fade fabrics.

How do I clean my mattress to make sure I don't have bed bugs? ›

While hot water on certain items may not be the best, use it on whatever you can.
  1. Vacuum and Repeat. Once your bedding is in the wash and out of the way, vacuum your bedroom. ...
  2. Take Your Bed Frame Apart. ...
  3. Use Insecticides That are Safe for Your Mattress. ...
  4. Steam Your Mattress. ...
  5. Encase Your Mattress and Box Spring in a Cover.
Apr 12, 2021

How long do germs stay on mattress? ›

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says "mattresses are no different," adding the virus could linger between two hours and two days. Dr. Bogoch suggests mattresses can be disinfected with conventional products approved for use against the coronavirus.

Does Lysol disinfect bed sheets? ›

Lysol Max Cover Disinfectant Mist can be sprayed onto pillows, mattresses and other bedding materials. Allow the bedding to dry completely before contact with skin.

How do hospitals sanitize pillows? ›

The vinyl surface of the pillow was swabbed with a sterile, polyester-tipped applicator and placed in a sterile tube of sodium chloride solution.

How do you disinfect couches and pillows? ›

Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol with 1 part water to create our homemade disinfectant. Then pour the mixture into your spray bottle. Hold the bottle 6 inches away from your furniture and lightly mist your sofas, loveseats, chairs, etc. Allow your furniture to dry before you sit.

Why shouldn't you use hydrogen peroxide everyday? ›

Hydrogen peroxide is a highly reactive substance which can damage oral soft tissues and hard tissues when present in high concentrations and with exposures of prolonged duration.

Do bed bugs hate hydrogen peroxide? ›

Hydrogen peroxide, like bleach, can kill bed bugs.

Will hydrogen peroxide bleach my mattress? ›

{NOTE: The hydrogen peroxide may bleach fabrics so check for color fastness if this is a concern}. You can spray it on with a spray bottle if you are treating a larger area or put it on with a Q-tip for small spots. Blot while it is bubbling with a clean, white cloth.

What happens if you leave hydrogen peroxide out overnight? ›

A 3% hydrogen peroxide solution stored at room temperature under normal conditions can be expected to decay at a rate of 0.5% per year. 1 Once you break the seal, it should be used as soon as possible because when you expose a peroxide solution to air, it starts to break down into water more rapidly.

Can I leave hydrogen peroxide on overnight? ›

It is not recommended that you leave hydrogen peroxide on your teeth overnight as it could cause erosion to your tooth enamel or irritation to your gums.

What percentage of hydrogen peroxide do you use to clean a mattress? ›

Create a Cleaning Solution

Mix together 1 cup of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and just a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap.

Will hydrogen peroxide damage a mattress? ›

Do not use hydrogen peroxide to spot-treat stains as it will discolor the foam and damage its surface. Let your mattress air-dry before putting your sheets or pillowcases back on.

How long does hydrogen peroxide need to sit to disinfect? ›

To disinfect, first clean any visible dirt or grime off the area with plain soap and water. Then spray surfaces with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water. Let it sit for five minutes or longer.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide dawn and baking soda on mattress? ›

How to Remove Sweat Stains From a Mattress
  1. Mix in a spray bottle: 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. 1 tablespoon of baking soda. 1 cup of water.
  2. Apply the mixture to the sweat stains.
  3. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Blot and rub with a cloth.
  5. Rinse and allow to dry.
Apr 13, 2020

How do you sterilize a used mattress? ›

You can sanitize a used mattress in a few ways:
  1. Use a Hand-Held Steamer. The steamer's heat can kill more germs and eliminate dust mites, dirt, and debris.
  2. Use an Antibacterial Spray. Lightly spray the entire mattress with a product like Lysol. Just don't soak it. ...
  3. Try a Liquid Cleaner. Follow the directions on the bottle.
Jan 16, 2022

How do you disinfect a mattress from bed bugs? ›

While hot water on certain items may not be the best, use it on whatever you can.
  1. Vacuum and Repeat. Once your bedding is in the wash and out of the way, vacuum your bedroom. ...
  2. Take Your Bed Frame Apart. ...
  3. Use Insecticides That are Safe for Your Mattress. ...
  4. Steam Your Mattress. ...
  5. Encase Your Mattress and Box Spring in a Cover.
Apr 12, 2021

What chemical kills bed bugs permanently? ›

Pyrethroids are synthetic chemical insecticides that act like pyrethrins. Both compounds are lethal to bed bugs and can flush bed bugs out of their hiding places and kill them.

What kind of Lysol kills bed bugs? ›

The answer is yes – Lysol can help get rid of bed bugs. In fact, it's one of the most effective products for killing bed bugs and other types of insects. Lysol is a disinfectant that contains active ingredients such as ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol, both of which are proven to be toxic to bed bugs.

What wash kills bed bugs? ›

Can Bed Bugs Survive in the Washing Machine? Extreme temperatures are the best way to kill bed bugs. Washing your clothing and bedding in a high heat wash should effectively kill off any bugs, as well as any eggs they've possibly laid.

Why should you spray your bed with rubbing alcohol? ›

Alcohol works two ways to kill bedbugs. First, it acts as a solvent, which means it eats away the bug's outer shell. The dissolving action might be enough to kill some bedbugs, but alcohol delivers a one-two punch. It also acts as a desiccant, a substance that induces drying out.

Should I spray my mattress with rubbing alcohol? ›

The main reason for not using alcohol on your mattress is that it is highly flammable. Isopropyl alcohol is extremely volatile. Although it dries out in minutes, it leaves traces on your furniture, box springs mattress, and clothes.


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