Fortnite error code 15: how to fix it | TGG (2023)

Every game contains some kind of bugs and errors. And Epic Games' Fortnite Battle Royale is no different, finding many of its players with error codes.

One of these error codes is Fortnite Error Code 15, so if you found this error code, don't worry because here you will find outwhy do you understandIt's likeFix error code 15beginearn easily!

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The reasons for Fortnite error code 15

Fortnite error code 15 is also known as LS-0015 in the error code list. This error code is displayed along with the error message"Startup failed, unable to connect to waiting room server"🇧🇷 Some people associate it with an Easy Anti Cheat bug, but that's not the case. The root cause of the Fortnite Error Code 15 with its error message is an issue with theServidor Epic Games.

Other reasons for this Fortnite error code can be problems with the game files or internet connection problems. Now that you know why you are getting Fortnite error code 15, let's look at some solutions to fix error code 15 and shoot with itbeste MPs!

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How to fix Fortnite error code 15

Restart Fortnite and the device

The first solution that you can try to fix this Fortnite launch error isRestart game and deviceYou play Fortnite, whether it's PC, XBOX One or Nintendo Switch. This will allow the game to restart which can fix Fortnite error code 15 and get the game running properly so you can get started.level up quickly!

Fortnite error code 15: how to fix it | TGG (2)

To easily restart the Fortnite game completely, just open itTaskmanagerPress Ctrl+Shift+Esc, select itUnder Processesabove and find Fortnite and the Epic Games Launcher. Select them and clickend taskamong. You can try opening the game now or restart your device and open the game.

Reboot the router or modem

The second solution that worked for many users isRestart the router.You can also reset your device along with your router. This helps to clear the unnecessary data collected through your PC and router which together with Fortnite error code 15 causes bad internet connection.

To easily reset the routerUnplug it from the power cord, wait 1-5 minutes, and then plug it back in.Wait a moment for your router to fully boot up and take control, then try opening the game from the Epic Games Launcher.

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Fortnite error code 15: how to fix it | TGG (3)

This should fix error code 15 for you to play withbest bowsand prevent you from hitting other error codes. But if the error code persists, don't worry, there are other solutions you can try.

Check the Fortnite server status

You want to fix error code 15, but what if the problem isn't yours from the start? You may be experiencing server issue on Epic Games side, so the next solution is to check Epic Games server status. you can do it yourselfEpic Games page statusor the officerStatus do server fortnite no twitter.

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If the Epic Games server is experiencing problems, all you can do is wait. However, if there is no problem on the server, then you should proceed with the solutions below to fix error code 15.

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Update network adapter

The next solution to fix Fortnite error code 15 isUpdate your network adapters.Some Fortnite players have reported that it helped them fix error code 15. Network adapters are responsible for ensuring that your PC handles the Internet connection correctly, and it's not as difficult as it sounds. How to update your network adapters on your PC step by step:

  1. Search for Device Manager in the search bar at the bottom and select the first option
  2. Locate the Network Adapters option and click on the small arrow on the left
  3. This is expanded with many options. Depending on what you're using, you'll need to upgrade to a different network adapter. The main options are at the top. So if you're using WiFi, update the driver that says something along the lines of WiFi or wireless. If you are using a cable update the driver which shows something in the ethernet line
  4. Right-click the correct option for what you're getting on the web and select Update
  5. Select "Search automatically for updated driver software" and follow the required steps

Fortnite error code 15: how to fix it | TGG (5)

After going through the update you should have gotten rid of this Fortnite error code and it should be good to open the Fortnite game client to start playingthe most popular skins🇧🇷 But what if your drivers are already up to date and the game crashes again? So, this Fortnite error code is much deeper in the game and you need to take more drastic measures to fix error code 15.

Check Fortnite game files

This next solution will help you fix error code 15 by aCheck Fortnite game filesthat the game client encountered and had problems with. The Fortnite Launch error code could be due to corrupted game file issues encountered by the game client. So here's what you can docheck them.See how you can do this:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher and click Library on the left
  2. Locate the Fortnite game
  3. Click on the three dots on the side and select Confirm

Fortnite error code 15: how to fix it | TGG (6)

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Follow the necessary steps, wait for a while and that should check your game files and fix this Fortnite error code so you can enjoy the Anime Skins🇧🇷 But if you haven't fixed error code 15 with this solution, there are just a few more that you can try.

Clear Epic Games Launcher web cache data

ÖEpic Games Launchersometimes knows how to misbehave andcollect cache datathis can slow down the processes. And this can cause Fortnite error code 15. So, to fix this Fortnite error code, you can tryClear unnecessary cache data.See how you can do this:

  1. Press Windows key + R. This will open a small dialog window.
  2. Type "%localappdata%" and press Enter
  3. Get hold of a Pasta Epic Games Launcher e abra-a
  4. Open the Salvo folder and delete the webcache folder.

You must be able to grind with thatrarest pickaxesafter that. But if that didn't work either, the last solution you can try is to fix this Fortnite error code:

Reinstall the Fortnite game

The last solution you can do to fix Fortnite error code 15 isreinstall the game.We know this might not be the most attractive way to solve this problem becauseFortnite download size is quite large, so it may take a little longer. However, this will resolve the game files with ease and you will even eliminate the possibility of another Fortnite error code. To reinstall the game:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher and select Library on the left
  2. Locate the Fortnite game, click the three dots next to it and select Uninstall
  3. Follow the required steps and restart your device when the uninstallation is complete
  4. Once your device is activated, open the Epic Games Launcher and download Fortnite

Fortnite error code 15: how to fix it | TGG (7)

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Some people prefer to perform a manual uninstall by deleting the game from the Applications folder or from the Applications & Features option, but this is the easiest way to uninstall Fortnite. That should have helped you fix this Fortnite error code with its error message along with other issues like Easy Anti Cheat error which can be seen belowError code 10011🇧🇷 But if that didn't help you fix Fortnite error code 15, you should:

Contact Epic Games support

Epic Games support team is here to help Fortnite players with any issue they encounter including this Fortnite launch error. If Fortnite error code 15 persists, you can do thisContact the Epic Games support team on here.

From problems with your graphics card drivers, antivirus software and even the Easy Anti-Cheat system, error codes can be a real headache. That is why you should keep an eye on the solutions and check them outFortnite error code 30005.


Why can't i join my friend in Fortnite? ›

If you can't send or receive friend invites, it may be because: You tried to send a friend request to an account that has reached its incoming friend request limit of 500. You may have 500 or more pending outgoing friend requests. You might have a pending friend request from the player that you're trying to add.

How do I fix my Fortnite Internet connection? ›

Checking both Battle Royale and Save the World boxes for your installation options may resolve your issue.
  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Click on the three dots next to Fortnite.
  3. Click on Options.
  4. Make sure both checkboxes for Battle Royale and Save the World are checked.
  5. Click on Apply.
  6. Launch Fortnite.

Why can't i log into Fortnite? ›

If you are attempting to log in with your Epic Games account credentials, and you are repeatedly being returned to the login page, try clearing the cache of the browser, and then enter your login information again. Alternatively, try opening this link in an Incognito window or an alternate browser to log in.

Is Fortnite broken right now? ›

Epic Games Public Status. No incidents reported today.

Is Fortnite down today? ›

Current Fortnite status is UP.

Why can't I join my friend on Xbox? ›

If you can't join a party

If you're having trouble joining an Xbox Live party, someone in the party might have a Network Address Translation (NAT) problem. To find out, have everyone in the party test their Xbox Live connection.

How do I enable multiplayer on Fortnite? ›

Here is how to start a split-screen session:
  1. Start Fortnite and go to the Main Menu.
  2. Make sure that both controllers are connected to the console and turned on.
  3. Once both controllers are connected, the first player needs to invite the second player to select their account.

How do I join someone's Fortnite lobby? ›

How to join a game
  1. In settings, make sure you're in the same server region as the host. ...
  2. Click Change to bring up the menu and select the game mode.
  3. Select Custom Matchmaking Key and enter the key you received from your host. ...
  4. Click Accept. ...
  5. Click Play and wait for the match to start.

How long is Fortnite downtime today? ›

Downtime is usually scheduled at 1 a.m. PDT/4 a.m. EDT/9 a.m. GMT and lasts for about 2-3 hours on average, with the scheduling focused on minimizing disturbance.

How do I restart Fortnite? ›

How to restart the Epic Games Launcher
  1. Close the launcher by right-clicking the system tray icon in the bottom right corner of your taskbar, then selecting Exit.
  2. Remove any command line arguments you may have from the launcher desktop shortcut's target line. ...
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Re-open the launcher.

Is Epic Games server down? ›

Epic Games Public Status

Website Operational. Game Services Operational. Login Operational. Parties, Friends, and Messaging Operational.

Is Fortnite banning accounts? ›

Epic Games wants Fortnite to be a fun, safe, and fair environment for all of our players. This means that every now and then, we have to ban players who break the Epic Games Code of Conduct in Fortnite. Player bans are applied on an individual basis and range from temporary bans to permanent bans.

How do I know if I am banned from Fortnite? ›

If you're banned from Fortnite, you'll see this message: “You were removed from the match due to internet lag, your IP or machine, VPN usage, or for cheating.

Why does it say error when I try to log into Fortnite? ›

This might get this error because you logged into the wrong console account, or you logged into a console account that you do not use with Epic Games. Try these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue: Try logging in via the Sign in with Epic Games option instead of the console option.

Why are the Fortnite servers down? ›

The Fortnite servers often go down whenever there is a major update for the game. This is done so that the developers can perform some maintenance as they apply the update. If you do encounter some issues when trying to connect to the game at any point, check if another update patch is being implemented.

Why isn t my Fortnite loading? ›

Restart your router and gaming device

If you still can't load into Fortnite after performing the fixes above, you can try contacting your ISP to see if there's something wrong with your home network. They'll be able to run diagnostics on your connection and instruct you further on how you can fix your connection.

How do I fix Fortnite on Xbox? ›

Why Is Fortnite Not Working On Xbox? [Issues and Fixes]
  1. Restart Fortnite.
  2. Restart Your Xbox.
  3. Check Your Internet Connection.
  4. Clear Cache.
  5. Factory Reset.
  6. Clear Local Save Data Files.
  7. Log In With a Different Account.
  8. Reinstall Fortnite.

Why can't I play fortnite with my friends on Xbox? ›

Check your Game Privacy settings: If you're cross-playing Fortnite on your console, but don't see the Epic Friends button in the main menu, make sure your game privacy settings are set to Friends Only or Public.

How do you fix Xbox multiplayer not working? ›

Press and hold the Xbox button  on the console for a minimum of 5 seconds to turn off the console. Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem. After one minute, plug the modem back in and wait for all the lights to return to their normal state. Turn on the console.

How do I change my NAT type on Xbox? ›

  1. Press the Xbox button on the controller.
  2. Go to the System tab.
  3. Then go to Settings.
  4. Then go to Network.
  5. And then go to Network Settings.
  6. Check what it says next to NAT Type.

Can 3 people play Fortnite? ›

Only two players can play at the same time, so you won't be able to Squad up completely unless your other friends have their own systems in the same room.

Can 2 people play Fortnite? ›

One of the best additions to Fortnite over the past few years has been the ability to play the game in split-screen mode. This useful feature allows two players to enjoy the battle royale game on the same screen without the need to own a second console.

Can you play Fortnite without multiplayer? ›

Fortnite is a completely online experience. There is no offline mode available.

Can you play Fortnite alone? ›

Do you play by yourself or with a team in Fortnite: Battle Royale? There are four modes of play in Battle Royale: Solo, Duo, Trio, and Team. In Solo mode, you're dropped into the game alone. In Duo, you're dropped in with one teammate, and in Trio, with two.

How do I practice Fortnite by myself? ›

You can practice your reflexes in Build Mode and edit your way through floors and ramps. There's even a weapons range where players can practice taking long-range shots with Pistols and Assault Rifles. While short, OfficialCanDook's island is a nifty prep course — one that every Fortnite player should try out.

How long can 1 Fortnite game last? ›

Each match in Battle Royale lasts about 20 minutes from start to the final storm circle.

How long is a full Fortnite? ›

A fortnight is a unit of time equal to 14 days (two weeks). The word derives from the Old English term fēowertīene niht, meaning "fourteen nights" (or "fourteen days," since the Anglo-Saxons counted by nights).

How long can you play Fortnite for? ›

The gameplay is simple but extremely immersive. Multiplayer games last up to 30 minutes, and players can quickly re-enter a new game.

How do I clean and reinstall Fortnite? ›

Manually remove and reinstall the game
  1. Close the Epic Games Launcher by right-clicking on the system tray icon and click on Exit.
  2. Locate the folder where you installed your game. ...
  3. Right-click on the game folder and click on Delete.
  4. Restart the Epic Games Launcher.
  5. Reinstall and try launching your game.

Can I delete Fortnite? ›

Select Fortnite on the right side, click on the gear icon and click Uninstall. Step 3. Click Uninstall in the pop-up window to confirm the uninstallation.

How do I fix Fortnite server not working? ›

Just like restarting your modem or router, turning off your preferred gaming device — a console or PC — might also help fix the servers not responding error in Fortnite. Any obstructive applications or in-game errors might run in the background, and restarting your system should refresh the whole thing.

Why is Fortnite and Epic Games not working? ›

Check for updates

Check to see if there is an update for the Launcher. To do this, click your profile icon in the top right corner of the Launcher and select Settings. If you see a RESTART AND UPDATE button select it to update the Launcher.

When can I play Fortnite? ›

1. The age recommendation for Fortnite is 13 and up, but each child is different. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board rates Fortnite “T” for teen, which means ages 13 and up.

Will Fortnite delete my account? ›

If you do not reactivate it, after 14 days your account will be permanently deleted. If you are a parent who wants to delete their child's account, the quickest and easiest way to do it is by following the steps below. Another option is to submit a request through Player Support from here.

Is having 2 Fortnite accounts Bannable? ›

If you have multiple accounts, we may take action against all of your accounts.

Do XP glitches get you banned? ›

Epic Games have issued bans for people that have done the recent XP Glitches with unreleased LTMS. I guess they're no longer safe. To summarize the situation, any user who used a bot to access unreleased LTMs to farm XP has been banned for 12 hours.

Does Fortnite IP ban U? ›

Fortnite is one of the most popular online games, with millions of players all over the world. But if you break Fortnite's rules (or its Terms of Service), your IP address might get banned, which means you can't play Fortnite anymore.

How do I get rid of IP ban? ›

Four ways to troubleshoot IP bans
  1. #1: Switch out your Media Access Control (MAC) address.
  2. #2: Change your IP address using a VPN.
  3. #3: Clear your computer's cache & 'digital residue'
  4. #4: Uninstall the program or browser.

Why is my IP banned? ›

The IP ban may have been implemented automatically due to abuse pattern detected by the server or placed manually by an administrator. IP ban is implemented to protect the server from abuse such as brute force attacks, block emails from known spammers and limit usage by users.

Why do I keep getting an error code on Fortnite? ›

These errors relates to issues with party services or joining another player's party, and the first step is to restart the game. If that doesn't resolve the error, then try changing the party settings to private and inviting again.

What is error code 30005 in Fortnite? ›

Fortnite error 30005 is in most cases caused by an anti-virus software or another program blocking the function. To solve the issue, make sure that your anti-virus or anti-malware software allows the Easy Anti-Cheat service to work properly. Also make sure that the service is enabled in your settings.

How do you fix Fortnite on Xbox? ›

Why Is Fortnite Not Working On Xbox? [Issues and Fixes]
  1. Restart Fortnite.
  2. Restart Your Xbox.
  3. Check Your Internet Connection.
  4. Clear Cache.
  5. Factory Reset.
  6. Clear Local Save Data Files.
  7. Log In With a Different Account.
  8. Reinstall Fortnite.

Is Fortnite OK for 8 years? ›

What age should kids be to play Fortnite? Common Sense recommends Fortnite for teens 13 and up, primarily because of the open chat and action violence.


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