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Five Who?

Many people have heard of the popular western chain known as In N Out. Just two states to the east has a growing chain of fast food burger and fries by the name of Five Guys.

If you don't have a Five Guys location near you, you can express that curiosity by asking, "what the heck is Five Guys?"

The fact is, Five Guys is so popular and so successful that while they don't have many stores today, in the next few years they will dominate virtually every major city in the United States.

In fact, according to Forbes, Five Guys was the fastest growing chain in the US in 2013. As of December 2014, they had 1,157 restaurants across the US. This is only a small fraction of all restaurant chains in the US, but it's actually a much bigger chain than most people realize.

Five Guys started in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia. They have maintained their cult to this day. In 2008, Five Guys was ranked the "2nd Best Burger Chain" by Entrepreneur Magazine.

My visit to five guys

Without hesitation, I have to say that Five Guys is the best burger joint in the country. I'm not sure it's in the same ballpark as West Coast chain In-N-Out, but if you haven't tried either, try both and you'll see what I'm talking about. Five Guys and In-N-Out have about the same number of locations (In-N-Out in about 15 states, Five Guys in about 27 I think) and are very similar in size and taste.

Walking into a restaurant is hard enough, but how about eating a burger from a shopping cart? Well, I was in Vegas with a friend and he likes Five Guys burgers and we thought we should shop and enjoy our Stoney Stoner night trip to the Casino.

We left the bar, full of snipers, and walked the fifteen laps to Five Guys. People walking down the street suddenly lined up to go to this place. The wait passed pretty quickly as I stalled for time by eating my free peanuts and looking at the pretty young flight attendants who were dumping their stuff on the sidewalk.

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five face colors

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Five Guys) prides itself on the fact that all of the chain's burgers are made fresh. To ensure quality, all empanadas are cooked in 100% peanut oil and can take up to 20 minutes to prepare. So if you order a burger at Five Guys, make sure you have plenty of time to stay where you are until your burger is ready to be served.

Five Faces Menu

One thing you will hear when you visit or read about the statistics is how Five Guys Burgers and Fries uses fresh burgers and sets them apart from the rest of the fast food competition. The main competition is easily the California cult favorite, In N Out.

Five Guys serves specialty burgers and lets you create your own burger just the way you like it! You can choose from a wide variety of hot, cold and hot dogs and burgers, each with different toppings. You can also order their fries crispy or soft, with cheese or bacon on top, or in a cup. You can even add other ingredients to your fries, like pepper or real grilled onions.

And here's something most people don't know. at Five Guys you get fries with your burger, but at In-N-Out you don't! That same. They're just burgers, that's all.

So which is better in your opinion? Five Guys or In N Out? By the way, when it comes to burgers, here's a link to a Five Guys tip on how to make the best burger ever.

No menu N Out:

five guys prices

Menus, nutritional information and calories.

Five Guys are most famous for their burgers, but that's not their only offering. You can order hot dogs, sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, and hot dogs along with various side dishes like French fries, peanuts, and soda.

The menu seems a bit sketchy, which is probably why the restaurant insists on selling peanuts with the main course. Peanuts, however, do not come with a price tag.

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If you are looking for lower prices without compromising quality, the Five Guys Secret Menu is for you.

Please note that Five Guys is not open 24 hours a day, so you will have to choose the right time to visit. Five Guys Nutrition Facts will help you make healthy food choices.

get your peanuts

Ready: Two of America's Best Burgers Go to Battle

If you live in the US and are a burger lover, you are probably aware of the rivalry between the two most famous burger joints: In N Out Burger and Five Guys.

The confusion began in 2012, when Zagat named Five Guys America's Best Diner and In N Out came in second. In N Out accepted it as a challenge and a fight broke out between the two restaurants. In the years that followed, many diners and critics chose sides in the battle.

The rivalry became so prominent that Five Guys even created a special item for it: the double-double versus the double-double-double. In the battle between Five Guys and In N Out, which one will win? Is there really a big difference between the two?

We thought it's worth mentioning that we have both restaurants in our neighborhood. And until recently, we both thought that only the burger really mattered when comparing the two. But after delving into the menu, it became clear that the fries and fries aren't the only differences between Five Guys and In N Out. Read on to learn more about the differences between Five Guys and In N Out, and decide for yourself who serves the best burger.

five faces propaganda

While I had never eaten at Five Guys before, I had heard quite a bit about them. Several billboards on Craigslist say that Five Guys are the best, and while that may be a bit of an exaggeration, I'd say they'd be a cut above the rest.

The fact is, in my experience, advertising companies and writers, who get paid to write about restaurants, tend to give five-star ratings and praise to the restaurants in question. As a result, many of us who are unfamiliar with these companies' advertising methods begin to believe that the opinions of these writers are true, and as a result, the company receives a lot of free publicity. If those of you who have been to Five Guys admit that it is one of the better burger joints I would say you are probably correct due to the amount of free publicity it has had.

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However, I have to say that I'd rather be in and out than Five Guys. I know "In and Out" has been around a lot shorter than Five Guys, but I've been to In and Out many times and I haven't been to Five Guys once. Also, In and out has a lot more to offer in terms of menu items. The Five Guys Burger is a little less fancy.

Five Guys Taste Test

Let me start by saying that I am a very critical person. I hate being lied to or feeling like I've been lied to or ripped off. So when it comes to fast food and eating right, I know it's not going to be a healthy option. I also know that it's up to you to have the best healthy fast food options possible. We all love a good burger at least once in a while, but with prices going up in restaurants and at home, people are trying to find tasty and healthy options, where do you go?

Don't worry, I've got you covered, now let's start comparing these popular options. Let's start with some science, In N out has a health score of 27 (0-100 scale) and a taste rating of 41 (0-100 scale). Five Guys has a health score of 40 and a taste rating of 43. In fact, they seem similar scores, but when you consider that Five Guys has burgers with 1,534 calories and 95 grams of fat and In N Out has 464 calories with 49 grams of fat, yes you make a healthier choice at In N Out.

Five Guys Burgers

against Inside and outside.

On the surface, these two burger chains seem to have a lot in common. Both are very new, with Five Guys being founded in 1986 and In N Out in 1948. Both are regional. Five Guys has expanded to more than 900 locations in the United States, with plans for international expansion. In N Out has about 330 locations in the Western US alone. Both are well-regarded for their burgers, fries, and shakes. And both are so different from big fast food chains like McDonald's that "better" seems to be their main marketing angle.

The truth is that both are good burger experiences, but very different. Comparing Five Guys and In N Out isn't entirely straightforward, as the two chains feature different styles of Western-style burgers, with different emphasis on the basics (cheese, lettuce, pickles, etc.) and different ways of eating. them. going to place your order. So which one is better? It depends.

What do the others say?

Whether you love Five Guys or In N Out is up to you (and your taste buds!). But one thing we can all agree on is that they are both amazing! So which do you prefer?

We're pretty sure the internet has come up with the best comparison for each of these two chains!

five guys vs. Input N Output Comparison

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Five Guys in N out (Click the image to compare)

Five Guys is clearly popular there. It scored better overall in most categories, including "burger wholesomeness," "cheap," "regularity," and "attitude." Five Guys gains the upper hand through its highly diverse menu, while In N Out focuses on bigger and better meats. You can find literally everything on the Five Guys menu…and then some.

If you look at the Instagram feeds, you can see that most people vote for Five Guys because of the social aspect, the fun of the dining experience, and the bigger menu. If you want to check out the vegan burger (and gluten-free options for starters!) and just plain good food, Five Guys is your place.

Real men taste burgers

In and out without Facebook

Weiss had to buy some In-N-Out burgers for the West Coast burger chain. As he told Justin Halpern, author of "Sh*t My Dad Says," "once you walk into In-N-Out, you'll wonder why you're eating all those other burgers."

Eater praised In-N-Out for its simple menu. “The only thing In-N-Out can do for you is make a burger and fries. And they are extremely good at it,” they say. That's the beauty of In-N-Out - the burgers are simple, so the quality comes from the meat, the toppings, and the buns. There is nothing weird to ruin your taste buds.

In-N-Out is the underdog (or most underdog creature?). It is smaller than most other chains. They would not consider adding new menu items. It's not elegant. And you can't get it in Boston.

In and out. you had me at hello

At N' Out, a simple sandwich with fries on the side doesn't sound, at first glance, like the best burger you'll ever eat. However, believe me, it is. From the simple menu to the fresh diced tomatoes and hand-crushed patties on a fresh bun, you'll love it.

The two main reasons I love it are its simple menu and the freshness of the food. I can be in and out in less than 10 minutes without having a heart attack ordering anything other than the 4 options they have on the menu. It's fast food, but definitely fresh, and my In N' Out has never let me down.

Although not greasy, the burger is still tasty. The secret is in the ingredients: fresh, simple and quality ingredients. They even press their own hamburger buns.


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