Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (2023)

For fifteen seasons for fifteen years,criminal thoughts followed the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit as they profiled, tracked, and interrogated serial killers across the United States.The popular police thrillerit was extremely popular with audiences and remains one of the most watched TV shows on streaming services.

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Due to the popularity of the program and the high chances of renewal, thecriminal thoughtsThe writers were able to capitalize on each season finale by completing long-form stories that pushed characters to their limits or left gripping cliffhangers to continue into the next season. Many season finales turned into some of them.the most popular episodesthe whole show.


15/15Supply and demand of the sixth season He looked at JJ again.

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (1)

In "Supply and Demand" The BAU launches into a case trying to track down a human trafficking ring after two bodies are found in a car. The unsub, played by Angela Sarafyan, poses as a victim to get close to the kidnappers and taunt them. This episode saw the return of beloved agent Jennifer Jareau and marked her return to the team, this time as a profiler.

14/15Season 4: To Hell...and the Back Saw The BAU left the US.

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (2)

In the season 4 finale, the BAU investigates the disappearance of many homeless people after the police refuse to intervene. The team travels to Canada to apprehend the perpetrator who they suspect is murdering people. This ending also marks the true beginning of the Season 5 feud between Agent Hotchner and the ruthless unknown George Foyet.

13/15Season 10: The Hunt I saw the BAU help one of their own

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (3)
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Agent Kate Callahan joined the BAU in season 10 and played a major role in the season finale when her niece, Meg, went missing. Callahan suspected that Meg had been kidnapped when she sent part of the code word to Kate's phone from the car of someone she met online. As the team worked together to find her, they uncovered a massive human trafficking network, and in the process managed to rescue Meg, her friends, and many others.

12/15Truth or Dare Season 14 Put JJ in a difficult situation

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (4)

The Season 14 finale was a beautiful moment for Agent Rossi.He remarried his third wife, Krystall., surrounded by his friends and with his daughter Joy by his side. However, he also brought one of the most hated moments.criminal thoughts.When JJ and Reid are taken hostage and held at gunpoint, JJ confesses to Reid that she always loved him, which played a role along the way.their friendship and JJ's marriageas i have checked.

15.11Season 11 Storm Endangers Hotch

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (5)

In the season 11 finale, the BAU team is planning a vacation and time off work with their families when unit chief Aaron Hotchner is arrested in front of his son by a SWAT team at his home. The team struggles to prove his innocence and find out who the real culprit is. Despite their best efforts, the episode ends with thirteen serial killers, whom the BAU put behind bars, escaping into the world.

15.10Season 15 and at the end the fans say goodbye to the BAU

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (6)
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The season 15 finale and the final episode ofcriminal thoughtstogether – “And in the end," shared some viewers. The episode largely takes place in the mind of Reid, who suffers a concussion while the rest of the team tracks down serial killer Everett Lynch. Many previous characters recover through Reid's visions, and it could be argued that this time he would have been better spent bidding farewell to the BAU team.

15.9No Way Out Part II Second Season I saw Gideon meet his counterpart.

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (7)

The season two finale is the second part of the mid-season episode "No Way Out".."In the first part, Gideon has no choice but to let a serial killer escape with a victim in the hope of rescuing a group of children in the desert.

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As No Way Out Part II shows, the assassin Frank can't stop taunting Gideon. Hoping to find the woman who got away, Frank plans to harm someone Gideon loves. This episode marks the beginning of Gideon's departure from the BAU.

8/15Our Darkest Hour Season 5 Scared Viewers

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (8)

In the season five finale, Tim Curry appears as a serial killer known as the Prince of Darkness.In one of the most distressing and terrifying cases.andcriminal thoughts,Curry's character attacks the families of the assassins under cover of darkness, but leaves the children alive to grieve the loss of their parents and fear that the Prince of Darkness will find them again. The episode remains on a cliffhanger making its way into the next season.

15.7Red Light Season 12 Welcomed Beloved Characters

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (9)
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"Red Light" saw the return of beloved stranger Cat Adams,portrayed by the brilliant Aubrey Plaza. The episode reveals that Cat is after Reid, falsely accused of murder. With Reid confronting them, the rest of the team gets information on Mr. Scratch from former agent Derek Morgan. The episode ends on a cliffhanger when Scratch causes a resulting car accident.the death of a BAU team member.

15.06Season 8 is The Replicator Farewell Strauss

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (10)

Throughout season 8, the BAU followed an unknown named The Replicator who recreated the unknown modi of cases the BAU had previously solved in order to poke fun at them.

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This all came to a head in the season finale when John Curtis, played by Mark Hamill, revealed himself. The BAU managed to take out The Replicator but lost one of their own in the process.

5/15Staffel 1: The Fisher King: Part I He saw that the BAU was suspected

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (11)

In"tit's Fisher King: Part I“, Despite being on vacation, BAU finds herself involved in a case. Half of the team is connected to a murder case, while Garcia's computer system is hacked and JJ, Gideon, and Reid receive random items tied to themselves somehow. The cliffhanger ensues when the team believes they have found the unsub, only to find his body impaled by a sword.

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15.4Season 9's Demons Provided Blake With Backstory

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (12)

In "Demons", following the events of the previous episode, Reid is in critical condition after being shot in the neck. When someone tries to kill Reid in her hospital bed, Garcia is forced to react and shoot the man who poses a threat, which leaves her deeply shocked. This is also the episode where viewers learn more about Agent Blake as they investigate the tragedy surrounding the death of his 11-year-old son.

3/15Season 3's lo-fi left the fate of a BAU member uncertain

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (13)

In the season 3 finale, the BAU is brought to New York City after a series of murders. While the police initially believe the perpetrator to be a single person, the BAU discovers through CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts that there is a group of perpetrators. Season 3 ends on one of the biggest cliffhangers of the entire series, as the entire team hops into different black SUVs. When one of them explodes, the episode ends without revealing whose wrecked car it is.

2/15Season 13 Believers Put Reid and Garcia in Danger

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (14)

Believer was the season 13 finale and saw the BAU, guided by Reid's intuition, searching for a stranger. A fellow FBI agent, who the FBI assumed was dead, had dubbed the strangler an unsub. Despite the team's intelligence, they cracked the case too late, and the episode ended on a cliffhanger. Reid and Garcia were kidnapped by a cult, leaving fans waiting for the next season to decide their fate.

1/15Season 7 Hit & Run It was an explosive ending

Each Criminal Minds season finale ranked (15)
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In the two-part Season 7 finale, the BAU is faced with a hostage situation at a bank. When JJ's partner, Detective William Montagne Jr., is shot and held in the bank, JJ and the team don't know if he is dead or alive. Also in this episode, JJ bravely confronts a stranger in his own home to save his son. The episode ends on a high and low note as JJ and Will get married, but Prentiss thinks about the team.


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