Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 8 Summary - "Gunfire" (2023)

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What started out looking like a sentimental filler episode took a drastic turn in the second half, making this one of the most surprising and fun episodes yet!

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We recap the first season of Crunchyroll's Chainsaw Man anime series, episode 8, "Gunshots", which contains spoilers.

Valuable(voiced byKikunosuke Toya)achieved a lot inChainsaw Man Episode🇧🇷 kill thedevil of eternityto snag their first kiss, it was definitely hectic. even if laterHimeno (voice ofmariya ise)drunken accident, you cannot describe what happened in exactly the same way. The events of the last week have also brought the gang one step closer to discovering the whereabouts of thedevil's gun🇧🇷 Still, before they can resolve this, Denji must immediately address his biggest conflict: whether or not to lose his virginity to Himeno.

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Chainsaw Man season 1 episode 8 summary

The episode begins by showing viewers what happened after Himeno disappeared with Denji. They arrive at her apartment, with him passed out and her deliriously drunk. While Denji sleeps in her bed, Himeno showers and settles in, even grabbing another beer from the fridge.

Stumbling into the room, he finds Denji grumbling for water. She presses her lips together, transferring the beer from her mouth to his and startling him awake. Although she has carried him here, she appears too drunk to remember doing so and is confused by his presence. That doesn't stop her from teasing him about her interest inRunning away, wailing as he andakithey seem to flatter her. She then asks Denji if he would like to do that with her.

He is confused by what she means so she clarifies and explains that she wants to sleep with him. Before she can respond, Himeno starts to take her shirt off. He doesn't know whether or not to please Himeno, as he already planned to have his first time with Makima, but is about to do so until Himeno finds something in her pocket. It's a lollipop Makima gave him earlier that night when he was taking it out on her about their disastrous first kiss. She says that while Denji will probably never forget the taste of vomit in her mouth, that's okay because he'll experience more than enough new sensations to distract him.

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In the end, Himeno passes out as Denji looks at the suction cup in her hand. apologizes toIn practicefor not having scored yet, but already promised to save the first half for Makima.

The next day, Himeno wakes him up and the two have breakfast together. She tells him that he got drunk the night before and hopes that she didn't try to take advantage of him. He tells her that he intends to hook up with Makima for the first time, and although Himeno is relieved by this, she still seems upset that Denji also has a crush on Makima. She wonders if he would still love her if he found out she has a bad personality, but he just doubles down on her affection. Seeing how serious he is, she sets out to form a secret alliance where she will help him reunite with Makima if he does the same for her and Aki. Denji agrees.

on a train toKyototo meet with the superiors, Makima remembers the night before. Suddenly, after entering a tunnel, the man in front of him turns and shoots Makima and his assistant in the forehead. As they break down, the killer makes a phone call to tell his teammates to leave.

The scene shows various members of the four-unit special division, all on different missions. At each location, civilians pull out their guns and try to shoot the demon hunters. At a ramen restaurant, Denji,lata, Himeno and Aki sit down to eat lunch together. Denji hears faint gunfire in the distance, but Power mistakes them for festival drummers, so they stay to eat.

At the next table, a customer starts harassing Denji, wondering how he can freely eat ramen without it tasting terrible. Continuing, he talks about his grandfather, a member of the yakuza who, according to him, was still a good person. When he takes a picture of his grandfather, it turns out to be none other than the old man Denji used to work for killing demons. Denji asks what he wants; the captain tells Denji that he heard that Gun Devil is after his heart before suddenly shooting Denji in the head.

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The pattern starts firing at the others, but Power hits it, allowing Aki to use her Fox Devil to swallow the man whole. When Aki realizes that Himeno and Denji have been shot, thedevil foxtells him that there is something strange about the person who just ate. He is "neither human nor demon", she tells him, just before his skull is cracked open. From there comes a diabolical hybrid similar to Denji, but instead of chainsaws there are katanas.

Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 8 finale

Aki instructs Power to stop Himeno's bleeding while she engages with this newkatana man🇧🇷 He takes out his own sword, which is actually a very large nail, and starts to attack. Every time he manages to land a hit on Katana Man, another demon will count down three, then two, then one. At zero, a ghostly demon appears, finishing off Katana Man for Aki.

Power informs Aki that Himeno might need a doctor. He wonders how Katana Man got a gun in the first place, as only the police are allowed to have firearms after the Gun Devil terrorist attacks. Before he can think of anything else, a mysterious blonde woman appears, asking Aki how she was able to kill Katana Man. Aki questions who she is, but the woman ignores him in favor of resurrecting Katana Man, who assures him that this time he will kill the others. Before anyone can even blink, he has already attacked and seriously injured Aki.

Himeno asks Power to help Aki, but she isn't fast enough to keep up with Katana Man's movements. Himeno then questions the ghost demon, offering them whatever she has in return.the ghost devilgets the upper hand on Katana Man as Himeno sacrifices her limbs one by one to save Aki. She expects him to cry for him when he does, as he has for many of her former subordinates. As he watches in horror, the mysterious girl with the Katana Man summons a demon of her own. Suddenly, the Snake Devil appears, swallowing Himeno's Ghost Devil whole. When Aki looks up again, all of Himeno has also disappeared.

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This episode confirmed something that viewers had already started to realize last week: that Himeno had feelings for Aki. This gives her and Denji something in common, as they both yearn for someone beyond their arm's reach. However, he then turned left, eliminating nearly half of the main cast members up to this point. If there's one thing Chainsaw Man is good at, it's keeping viewers on their toes. It will be interesting to see how the remaining Division Four members handle things now, especially with so many new questions coming up.

What did you think of Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 8? Comment below.

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Was Aki the gun devil? ›

We learn early on that the gun devil is the ultimate enemy of Aki Hayakawa. Aki spends all his time thinking about locating this devil and taking him down to avenge his family. But fate has something completely different in store, and the gun devil takes over Aki's corpse, turning him into the gun fiend.

Why did Pochita tell Denji not to open the door? ›

Doors are known as the final barrier that separates devils in their primal form and the outside world, be it Earth or hell. That said, Pochita refrained Denji from opening the door to avoid triggering his untamable beast form.

Is Pochita the most powerful Devil? ›

Without a doubt, Pochita, aka the Chainsaw Devil, is the most powerful devil in the Chainsaw Man franchise. Even though it might appear like many devils can overpower Chainsaw Man, none of his defeats are permanent. However, if he wins, it's literally the end for the devil.

Why is Pochita so strong? ›

In the series, a Devil is the manifestation of human fear – the stronger the fear, the stronger the Devil. Pochita was once known as the Chainsaw Devil – the embodiment of the fear of chainsaws; however, what made Pochita stronger was the fact that he is feared by Devils and humans alike.

Why did Aki turn into a gun fiend? ›

Despite looking very similar to Denji's hybrid form, Aki became a fiend after forming his contract with Makima. Under the guise of helping Denji and Power and keeping them out of harm's way, Makima proposed a contract with Aki, causing the Gun Devil to take over Aki's body and transform him into a fiend.

Who defeated Gun Devil? ›

This contract has been made by twenty percent of the body of the Gun Devil. However, it was not enough to kill Makima, at the end twenty percent of the Gun Devil is defeated by Makima and possessed the corpse of Aki Hayakawa, which resulted into the Gun Fiend.

Why was Denji coughing up blood? ›

Denji coughs up blood and is startled by the sight of it on his hand. He remembers hearing that his mother died from a heart disease that made her cough up blood.

What is so special about Pochita? ›

Body Assimilation: Pochita possesses the ability to fuse with a human body seemingly replacing damaged or missing organs. Unlike the process for a devil turning into a fiend by taking over a corpse, Pochita did this to Denji while he was still alive which allows Denji to transform into human/devil hybrid.

What devil was Pochita? ›

Background. Pochita was the Chainsaw Devil and the "Hero of Hell". For years he had slayed devils who called upon him and went on to devour other devils that were so infamous they were erased from existence and many other devils like Makima, the Control devil and the Darkness devil wished to use him for their own ends.

Why is Pochita weak? ›

So why was chainsaw devil ( pochita ) so weak, I don't mind spoiler if it tells the reason or it is just a plot convenience? He got injured in a battle against the four horsemen of Apocalypse and escaped from hell. Denji found him in that weakened state.

Why did Makima want Pochita? ›

Makima's true goal, however, was to be together forever with Pochita and lead a happy life with him. She always yearned for something like a family, being incapable of forming equal and meaningful relationships as the Control Devil.

Who is stronger darkness devil or Makima? ›

However Makima is shown to be stronger in this ability, as she can heavily damage the Darkness Devil only by pointing her finger at him.

What is Denji's secret? ›

Before becoming a hybrid, Denji was missing his right eye and several other non-essential organs, including a testicle and a kidney.

What is Kobeni's devil? ›

Basically this devil ensures that Kobeni is always lucky enough to escape death or serious injury. The catch is that Kobeni is cursed with bad luck in just about every other aspect of her life.

What is Denjis true power? ›

Chainsaw protrusions: In his Hybrid form, Denji is equipped with chainsaws that come out of both of his arms, which he can use to attack enemies. He's also able to retract them at will and can generate them from other parts of his body, such as his legs.

Why does the Gun Devil want Denji's heart? ›

The Gun Devil is determined to eat Denji's heart as quickly as possible in order to do this. This will kill the Chainsaw Devil's host and prevent it from being consumed. It will also force the Chainsaw Devil to reincarnate and take a break until it regains its full power.

Does Kobeni have a devil? ›

Devil Contracts

Unknown Devil Contract: Kobeni has a contract with an unnamed devil whose identity she keeps a secret.

Why is the Gun Devil so powerful? ›

Why is Gun Devil so powerful? The Gun Devil is powerful because of the number of people that fear him. Devils mainly derive their power from the fear of humans. The more scared the humans are about the idea of the thing the devil represents, i.e., guns, the more powerful that devil becomes.

Who beats Makima? ›

Not only did Denji defeat Makima as himself, but he also eats Makima as himself. Remember, Makima stated at one point that if she was going to lose to Chainsaw Man, she wanted the honor of being eaten by him, the one she idolizes most. Denji is essentially denying her that dream by eating her as himself.

What type of devil is Makima? ›

What Abilities Does Makima Possess? Much like the other devils, Makima possesses common abilities such as regeneration, super strength, and the ability to form contracts with humans. However, Makima is no ordinary devil; she's a Control Devil and a part of the Four Horsemen, meaning she's incredibly powerful.

Is Makima a villain? ›

Makima, also known as the Control Devil is the main antagonist of the Chainsaw Man franchise. She serves as the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man Part 1: Public Safety and the titular main antagonist of its Control Devil Arc as well as the posthumous overarching antagonist of Chainsaw Man Part 2: Academy Arc.

Why did Denji sell his organs? ›

The debt was so severe that Denji has to sell his right eye and his kidneys to offload it even if it wasn't enough.

What did Denji put on his toast? ›

Denji describes his "ultimate toast" as having strawberry jam, plum jam, orange marmalade, butter, honey and cinnamon.

Why is Pochita a dog? ›

As revealed in Chapter 87 of the manga, Pochita was in a battle with the four horsemen group of devils before reaching a near-death situation. In its weakened state, Pochita adopted a cute dog-like look and met Denji (protagonist).

Who does Pochita love? ›

The one shining light in the story so far is the friendship between him and the devil dog, Pochita. Despite their natures pitting them as enemies, Denji and Pochita genuinely love each other and want nothing more than the other to be happy.

Does Power eat Pochita? ›

After, Power ate Pochita and then died, so -- in theory -- Pochita should be gone. However, the Chainsaw Devil was likely able to live on in the same way that Power was originally able to return to life. The only reason Pochita was able to reach out to Power is that her blood already flowed through Denji's veins.

How did Chainsaw Man turn into Pochita? ›

Pochita is Denji's pet dog. However, Pochita is not only a dog. He is also the Chainsaw Devil, making him the physical manifestation of humans' fear of chainsaws. After a previous battle weakened the Chainsaw Devil, he was forced to take on a weaker, dog-like form.

What kind of devil is quanxi? ›

Manga Debut

Quanxi (クァンシ, Kwanshi?), also known as The First Devil Hunter ( 最 サイ 初 ショ のデビルハンター, Saisho no debiru hantā?), is a Crossbow Devil hybrid and renowned devil hunter from China. She is a major antagonist in the International Assassins arc and a minor antagonist in the Control Devil arc.

What devil does quanxi have? ›

Hybrid transformation: As the Crossbow Hybrid, Quanxi is able to partially transform into the Crossbow Devil and use their demonic abilities.

How old is Makima? ›

As revealed in the manga, Makima is the Control Devil, meaning that she does not really age. As for her physique, she seems to be in her early twenties, somewhere around 22–25 years old. But, if we were to guess the Control Devil's age, we'd have to say she's at least 79 years old.

How was Makima defeated? ›

Several feet behind Makima, Denji slowly stands up from amongst a pile of corpses, donning an oversized Public Safety uniform. He walks over to Makima, and as she notices him, takes out a chainsaw and slices her down the chest.

Can Pochita speak? ›

In a touching final moment, Pochita speaks directly to Denji for the first and only time, asking only for Denji to live out the simple life he dreams of.

How did Makima betray Denji? ›

Makima went to exterminate the Zombie Devil but saw someone beat her to it. She then saw Denji as Chainsaw Man and told him he had a smell neither human or devil and asked him who he was, but he only told her to hug him. As she did, Denji turned back into human.

Why was Makima eaten? ›

With Makima terribly injured, Denji knows that this won't be enough to kill her (given that she's come back from far worse) so he enacts his final, brutal plan. He reveals that he came up with the dangerous idea to chop up her body, cook her, and then eat her as a way to finally defeat her once and for all.

What rank is Makima? ›

The Control Devil, also known as Makima, a high-ranking member of Public Safety, is one of the most powerful Devils in existence.

Is Makima a fiend or a devil? ›

Their healing ability also becomes much weaker. Is Makima a fiend or a hybrid? Makima is neither a fiend or a hybrid or a human with devil contract. Instead, she is the control devil who has a human like apperance.

What is the most feared devil in Chainsaw Man? ›

The Gun Devil's reputation precedes it, making it one of Chainsaw Man's most notorious and terrifying Devils. The Gun Devil's flesh is made out of bullets. When consumed by other Devils, the Gun Devil's power enhances their own.

Who bit off Denji's tongue? ›

After a few moments, Denji falls backwards, and it is revealed Reze bit off his tongue. Reze then slits Denji's throat and he moves to try and pull his cord, however she swiftly slices off his hand before he can.

Who is Denji's girlfriend? ›

Denji's first love interest in the series was Makima. While she was later revealed to be the Control Devil, he still couldn't stop loving her. The only way for him to defeat her was by chopping her up and consuming her, thus becoming one with her.

Does Denji love power? ›

Power and Denji don't have a very romantic relationship, instead more so an awkward sibling relationship. While he finds Power attractive, it doesn't take long for the two to butt heads. Upon their first meeting, she makes a deal with Denji that if he's able to retrieve her cat, she'll let him feel her up.

Who is Kobeni's love interest? ›

Episode list. No. Kobeni Yonomori, who has just turned sixteen, is shocked to learn she has a fiancé named Hakuya Mitsumine who, along with his little sister Mashiro, come to live with her and her older sister Benio.

Is Kobeni a Makima? ›

Kobeni Higashiyama is one of Makima's new recruits, working alongside Denji, Aki and Power in Chainsaw Man's experimental Tokyo Special Division 4.

Who is Kobeni shipped with? ›

GalgaBeni is the het ship between Galgali "Violence Fiend" and Kobeni Higashiyama from the Chainsaw Man fandom.

How did Denji lose his eye? ›

Eye Scream: Denji sold his right eye to help pay off his debt. It is restored when he fuses with Pochita, though. Later in the episode Denji, already fused with Pochita, hits the Zombie Devil in one of his eyes with one of his arms.

Who killed Denjis father? ›

Personality. Little is known of his personality, as he was deceased prior to the chronological beginning of the plot. Makima describes him as an abusive alcoholic, who was violent enough with Denji to the point where he was killed by his own son in self-defense.

Why do devils fear Denji? ›

Makima explains that the reason why he is known as the Devil that Devils fear most is that those consumed by Chainsaw Man have their names erased from existence.

What kind of devil is Aki? ›

Aki Hayakawa is the deuteragonist of the Chainsaw Man series. He is a Public Safety Devil Hunter under Makima's squad. Assigned to handle Denji and Pochita, Aki is revealed to be contracted to several Devils such as the Curse Devil and the Future Devil.

What devil did Aki have? ›

Fox Devil Contract: Aki Hayakawa had a contract with the Fox Devil. In exchange for feeding him a part of his body, Aki could enlist his power in combat.

Who is the gun demon? ›

In Chainsaw Man, the Gun Devil is an extremely powerful devil wanted for committing terrorist attacks around the world thirteen years before the start of the series. He first appeared when increased gun sales to counteract devil attacks also happened to increase people's fear of gun violence as well.

Does Aki control the fox devil? ›

The Fox Devil is given permission to eat and swallow the Leech Devil which he does before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Later in the hospital Aki explains the nature of his contract with the Fox Devil to Denji; explaining that in exchange for feeding it parts of his body he is able to borrow the Fox Devil's power.

What did Aki give the future devil? ›

A contract with Aki Hayakawa, in exchange for letting the Future Devil reside in his right eye, Aki can see 4-5 seconds into the future. A contract with an unnamed Public Safety Devil hunter, in exchange for half their lifespan, the Devil Hunter can use the Future Devil's power.

Who is Makima's devil? ›

Makima is already revealed as the Control Devil and the main antagonist in the first arc. Yoru is introduced as the War Devil and is the main villain that Denji faces in the second arc.

Who married Aki? ›

Is Angel devil a boy? ›

Angel is a younger androgynous male seen to be wearing the Public Safety suit. He has shoulder-length hair, depicted as vermilion red in the official colored manga, with a halo floating above it and white wings on his upper back. After the events of the International Assassins arc, Angel loses both of his arms.

Did Aki lose his arm? ›

Denji comments on Power's screaming throughout the night, before mentioning Aki's arm- one of which was able to be reattached after the attack by the Darkness Devil. Aki informs him that he was lucky, as Angel Devil lost both arms, whilst Beam and Violence Fiend both died and Kobeni resigned.

Who controls the Gun Devil? ›

At some point, The Gun Devil was taken down, and his body was divided up between the most powerful nations of the world. 20% of his body is owned by the United States. 28% is owned by the Soviet Union, 11% is owned by China, 4% is owned by other nations.

Does Aki love Makima? ›

5. Aki Has Feelings For Makima in Chainsaw Man. From the way Aki gets jealous over all the attention Denji gets from Makima, it's clear that he has certain romantic feelings for her. He even defends her benevolence when Denji tries to know if Makima is actually as good as she appears to be.

Why is the fox devil so powerful? ›

Powers And Abilities

Being a devil that embodies the fear of foxes, the Fox Devil, when summoned, bites off its enemy or tears its body apart in an instant by appearing from anywhere. Along with strong jaws, it also has large-sized claws, which can easily tear apart enemies. Its healing abilities are also marvelous.

Who is the control devil after Makima? ›

Nayuta (ナユタ, Nayuta?) is the reincarnation of the Control Devil ( 支 し 配 はい の 悪 あく 魔 ま , Shihai no Akuma?) following Makima's death.


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