8 Delicious and Interesting Facts About In-N-Out Burgers (2023)

If you want a perfect American burger, cooked to perfection every time, you know exactly where to go. In-N-Out is one of the best-known hamburger chains on the West Coast of the United States. From opening to closing, every chain restaurant is always packed with customers looking for a cheap burger that will satisfy their stomach and soul. And its popularity knows no bounds. No matter what social media app or website you're on, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, or Snapchat, people are posting pictures of their burgers and fries. Such a popular chain must have some interesting facts and history behind it, so today let's find out all about In-N-Out!

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1.The East Coast really wants the franchise to expand in their region.

Every few years someone spreads the rumor on Facebook or some other social media platform that In-N-Out is coming to Boston, Philadelphia or even New York City. And thousands of people fall for this lie every time. They cheer, jump with excitement and prepare their wallets only to find out a day later that it was all a hoax. They then fall into a deep depression and have to go to substandard burger chains to eat their feelings.

And in the next six months to a year there will be another rumor that In-N-Out is coming to the east coast. Although In-N-Out wants to expand its franchises to the East Coast and Midwest, several obstacles prevent them from doing so. A large block is the logistics of shipping the potatoes for your fries and the meat for your burgers. Their supply chains aren't as extensive as McDonald's or Burger King, and it's quite difficult to build new supply chains across the country. Fast food chains want all of their food to taste the same no matter where their restaurant is located. But if they ship to other parts of the country, In-N-Out will need to change the way they ship their supplies, which would change the way their groceries taste.

2.In-N-Out prints Bible verses on the bottom of their disposable cups

If you are a practicing Christian or have an eye for detail, you probably already know this fact. Restaurant chain In-N-Out has been printing Bible verses on the bottoms of their mugs and specialty burger wrappers since they first started printing their designs.

Most people don't notice because they don't print the entire verse with the text. They usually only print the book of the Bible and the chapter and verse number. So the next time you have In-N-Out with someone, tell them that fact and see if they know it too!

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3.Move over McDonald's! In-N-Out was California's first self-service restaurant

The average person thinks of McDonald's as the world's first drive-through, since it's the first fast-food place they think of when someone says the words drive-through or fast food. But that's not correct. The world's first drive-through award goes to Red's Giant Hamburg, founded in 1947 in Missouri.

However, the first drive-through for California was an In-N-Out drive-through, which was also the first In-N-Out ever. The small restaurant was located in Francisquito and Garvey in Baldwin Park (which is very close to where I live). This location was a smash hit and Harry Synder opened dozens more In-N-Out stands and restaurants over the next decade.

4.There is a secret menu.

Well, the secret menu isn't a big secret anymore. Almost everyone who has been to In-N-Out more than once knows at least one item that you can order from the secret menu. But it's not like the articles are secret and kept out of the public eye. It's just that In-N-Out is choosing not to create new menu prints for its diner menus and drive-thru menus. I think it would cost too much money to replace all these menus, so the secret menu is passed around orally.


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In addition to the secret menu, In-N-Out also offers various ways to customize your order with little extras:

  • toasted buns
  • yellow chillies
  • grilled onions
  • Neapolitanischer Smoothie
  • French fries with cheese
  • Protein Style - No buns, just a lettuce wrap

There are even vegan and vegetarian burger options.

If you order the grilled cheese, you get a double-double style burger, except there's no meat. And vegans should order the veggie burger. You get the grilled cheese only there is no cheese. You also won't have the In-N-Out signature sauce since the sauce contains eggs.

If you're vegan and concerned about the dairy ingredients in the hamburger bun, no need to worry. In-N-Out Burger Bun is made with just flour, water, shortening, and a few preservatives.

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5.They have a fun little rivalry with the Shake Shack.

Rivalries between restaurants and foodies are not uncommon in the customer service industry. Like McDonald's and Burger King or Coca-Cola versus Pepsi, In-N-Out has a rivalry with Shake Shack. Because both fast food restaurants specializing in hamburgers and fries are often compared to consumers. If you search YouTube for comparisons, you will find hundreds of videos where the YouTuber buys burgers and fries from each store and compares them to each other. But recently, Five Guys has started getting its own little burger. In-N-Out may have rivalries on all sides, but they can handle themselves. The explosion of new, higher-quality fast-food chains hasn't hurt its profits at all.

6.All employees receive a fair wage.

Working in a fast food restaurant will make you rich. Almost everyone who works for McDonald's, Del Taco, Taco Bell, Burger King, or any other fast food restaurant earns minimum wage. But that's not how In-N-Out pays its employees. For a decade, In-N-Out has been running fires for minimum wage. Even their cooks and caretakers are well paid. Due to generous hourly wages, they have one of the lowest turnover rates. It just shows the industry that if you treat your employees with respect and value their time and bank accounts, they will be just as loyal to you. Maybe it's about time other fast food restaurants figured it out too.

7.In-N-Out has a complete clothing line

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Many people look down on buying clothes from a certain brand, especially if their clothes feature the company's massive logo in the middle of their t-shirt or down the side of their pant leg. Looks like someone is just a walking advertisement for this company. But they don't feel that way about the In-N-Out clothing line. Each garment has a small In-N-Out logo somewhere on the side of the shirt or sweatpants. Their logos aren't flashy, so it seems In-N-Out doesn't pay them to use their clothes for promotional purposes. The In-N-Out clothing line offers t-shirts, sweaters, baseball caps, sweatpants, socks and even business ties.

To visit the official store, go tohttps://shop.in-n-out.com.

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8.A person cannot own an In-N-Out franchise

All shops and restaurants are fully owned by the company. The current CEO of In-N-Out has chosen to turn down franchising because of her commitment to high standards. When a person owns a franchised fast food restaurant, they may operate it differently than another franchisor. Have you ever experienced different standards of the same food chain; that's the main reason for it. The franchisee may have lower standards than other owners, which is reflected in customer service and food quality.


Over the past 50 years, In-N-Out has worked its way into the hearts of millions of Californians and they've built their own shipping app, beautifying lands and oceans. Many In-N-Out fans, whether they are from California or from another state or country, regularly say that upon returning to California, they visit In-N-Out Airport the moment they find it leave. A fast food restaurant cannot achieve this level of customer loyalty with substandard food or poor customer service. As long as In-N-Out continues to provide quality, simple meals at incredibly affordable prices, there's no reason they shouldn't be in business 20 years from now.

They're also trying to keep up with today's food climate. In-N-Out is considering offering a vegan meat substitute for anyone who doesn't eat meat or beef. But no matter what In-N-Out does, as long as they stick to the business model that helped them build their popular brand, they should be fine no matter what the world or economy throws at them.


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